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    Rarely does anything make me happier or prouder to be an American, then when I see Cops stand up against the mass casualties and collateral damage done by our federal government’s senseless war against mental illness. I mean, the war on drugs. Carnage perpetuated through the lobbying efforts of industries which profit from greed over… Read more »

  2. Corrupt-Cops-8.2013

    Damn yesterday’s announcement felt great! The dark and sinister war against an innocent plant seems to have passed an important milestone late Thursday afternoon. US Atty. Gen. Eric Holder made his highly anticipated announcement…the DOJ has no interest in prosecuting outdated federal marijuana laws – (with a few contingencies of course.) Regardless, it’s progress. While it… Read more »

  3. American-drug-war-2-cannabis-destiny

    “American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny” – this movie hurts to watch. Its director, Kevin Booth, has done a masterful job of highlighting the insanity rained down on societies most innocent victims of the federal government’s misclassification of marijuana as a schedule 1 substance – and its subsequent collateral damage on kids. This informative…and sometimes heartbreaking… Read more »

  4. Marijuana-Laws-In-Washington-State-1

    Not So Fast When Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana, the general thought was hey, the feds might leave these totally legal states alone.  And for awhile, that seemed like it was the case. Unfortunately, that optimism took a hit yesterday, as the DEA once again reared its ugly head, raiding a batch of Washington-based dispensaries…. Read more »

  5. medcal marijuana field signs

    Real farmers grow weed. But can’t even admit they farm. Life should be simple. And logical change and progression to and within society should be even simpler. That is SimpleGov‘s clearcut motto and approach, as the intriguing–and kushy–startup seeks and delivers an interactive canvas for change. The most relevant change: certify an Organic Cannabis Farmer’s… Read more »

  6. Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 1.44.21 PM

    Anyone with half a brain that doesn’t subscribe to FOX News and perpetuate anti-drug propaganda knows that the “War On Drugs” is an utter farce. It’s common sense at this point, and the days of cannabis’ prohibition (at least in the US) are slowly–but without a doubt–drawing to a close. Still, when some of the… Read more »

  7. drone-comp

    The future generations of outdoor- clandestine – marijuana growers is looking rather bleak this morning. After years of watching predator drones take out the top Al Qaeda hierarchy, our stealthy American drones are beginning to turn their unshakable attention inward. Focusing on the national forests and public lands, looking for the next commercial application of… Read more »

  8. Its-NORML

    Speaking up for the Reform of marijuana laws are doctors, lawyers, politicians and everyone in between. With over 20 million American arrests since 1965 for the simple possession of marijuana, many feel the federal prohibition against marijuana is ludicrous. As our prisons are overrun with non-violent marijuana-related offenders, we now have the opportunity to change… Read more »

  9. MLK-Word

      Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr… today is a day which is celebrated by everyone.  All ethnicities, people of varied skin hues, and faiths. Joining as one – our diverse populace with varied philosophies, which makes up our great social experiment known as the United States of America. This hard-fought for day of… Read more »

  10. known-Mexican-drug-cartel-zones

    US special ops will increase their militaristic preparation of Mexican Special Forces, schooling them on how to stalk the cartel rulers, treating them as though they were al-Qaida’s minor league team.    Just as America is potentially getting ready to pull the plug on Afghanistan, US Special Forces is preparing to let loose its elite… Read more »

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