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  1. huge joint warsaw poland dope

    Biggest Joint Ever? May was the world’s annual Marijuana March month, and images from rallies throughout the world keep popping up all over the web. The two latest comefrom Brazil and Poland, where Medical Marijuana is an anomaly missing from everyday life. But that doesn’t mean efforts to legalize, progress, and promote the plant aren’t in full… Read more »

  2. Marijuana-Canada

    Canada – Ottawa, the great White North … Even now as the backwards looking Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephan Harper establishes their unjust and more punitive penalties for minor marijuana infractions, a new national poll has unearthed some rather startling facts:  nearly two-thirds of all Canadians strongly support marijuana’s reclassification either by decriminalizing it… Read more »

  3. Mexico-Drug-Cartels-Mad-over-Loss--Of-Weed-Money

    Should the U.S. s start cultivating a legal marijuana industry, “This will not be a super-lucrative business proposition for a criminal enterprise… this will not be a cash cow.” — Alejandro Hope – analyst at the Mexican Competitiveness Institute. As the potential full-scale legalization effort for the use of recreational marijuana in the U.S. is… Read more »

  4. OpCannabisP2

    In trolling the news section for current “marijuana” news like a recovering junkie searching for his methadone fix, I ran across this Anonymous interview just now. A few weeks back Anonymous came out of the shadows to make a public declaration that they would now openly  support the effort to change the course of the… Read more »

  5. Web

    A new feature examining how cannabis culture differs around the world.

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