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  1. TJ-Knew

    “I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That “all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people.” – Thomas Jefferson While state after state continues to hop on the medical marijuana train,… Read more »

  2. New York City marijuana arrest rates

    By Erik Altieri – Legislation that allows for the therapeutic use of cannabis by qualified patients, Assembly Bill 6357, was approved today by members of the New York state Assembly in a 95-38 vote. The debate now moves to the Senate where members are expected to take up companion legislation, Senate Bill 4406, in the… Read more »

  3. Thug-free-America

    Most people in a civilized society are willing to concede that law enforcement is the only thing that separates us from the true criminals, looking to do us harm. In a perfect world the police represent the very ‘Thin Blue Line’ that protects people like you from would be drug pushers, rapists, murderers and extortionists…. Read more »

  4. Romney-v-Obama-Oct-3

    As the first American debate is scheduled to occur on October 3, 2012, the American electorate will be able to, for the first time here with a presidential candidates truly think, and what their plans for America’s future looks like. Important matters like the economy, foreign-policy, job creation, and from my standpoint one of the… Read more »

  5. LA-Marijuana-Reform

    “The drug is really quite a remarkably safe one for humans, although it is really quite a dangerous one for mice… and they should not use it.”  J.W.D Henderson   As they promised they would – LA’s medical marijuana proponents stated yesterday, that they fully anticipate turning in just North of 50,000 MM J voters… Read more »

  6. Gatewood-Galbraith-from-KY

     ”For all you Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Military-Industrial-Transnational-Corporate-Fascist-Elite-Bastards, I’ve got your karma right here.”  … Gatewood Galbraith   – How stoked would Gatewood be? As the bluegrass state of Kentucky continues to cultivate mad love for the wave of medical marijuana initiatives sweeping across this great nation, their time… is nearly at hand. Kentucky – may soon be joining… Read more »

  7. Bitchen

    “When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.”   President Barack Obama   When October approaches in the Emerald triangle… and the campaign against marijuana plantations (CAMP) swings into full bust mode, it’s not uncommon to see federal agents stomping through the national forests in search of the Golden State’s “Green”… Read more »

  8. Going-to-pot

     ”I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast.” Ronald Reagan … and the lies continue. Late Thursday afternoon the DEA sent out 23 notices to medical marijuana collectives located in Western Washington state. The intent of these letters… Read more »

  9. Please-not-this-clown

    As the dark circus of campaign 2012 – slugs its way through the dog days of summer and enters the home stretch. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, continued his moronic and ill-conceived diatribe against marijuana legalization… stating that he would fight this unwelcome “nail in the coffin” of today’s youth. During one of his stump speeches,… Read more »

  10. Arkansas-MMJ_Ballot

    Well, well, well… It looks like Arkansas is taking a step into the 21st century, after sitting around for years and watching all of the other medical marijuana states reap the benefits of legalizing medical marijuana for state sanctioned patients,` they stand a very good chance of passing a voter approved initiative. The recent effort… Read more »

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