Smoker's Digest: News and Features

  1. Weed - Help Legalize Marijuana By Supporting NORML

    $4.20 is a small price to pay for marijuana’s legalization. Do your part.

  2. Weed - Wish Marijuana a Happy Birthday!

    Why do you celebrate 420?

  3. Weed - 10 Ways to Get Higher Than Usual this 4/20

    If you’re looking to get even higher than usual, pick your weapon.

  4. Weed - A Brief Guide to How You Can Celebrate This 4/20

    It’s not too late to make plans to celebrate 4/20 the right way.

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  6. Weed - HiGHLARIOUS: LA’s Premier Stoner Comedy Show

    If you want to bust a gut this 4/20, than this is the event for you.

  7. Weed - AK-47: Photos and Strain Review

    AK-47 is just as lethal as it sounds.

  8. Weed - Lean On Me’s Jermaine Hopkins Gets 30 Days for 200-Pound Weed Bust

    Don’t try to buy 200 pounds of weed from an undercover cop…

  9. Weed - How to Preserve Your Herbs For Over 6 Months

    As I got older and more into herb, I progressed through the stages of looking for the best jar to keep my nugs fresh. When I was young, I never even thought about switching it from the plastic bag it came in, so I was used to dry nugs that started out potent and ended… Read more »

  10. Weed - Study: Cigarette Smokers More Likely to Smoke Weed

    Four times more likely, in fact…

  11. Weed - Oaksterdam Reopens Its Doors to Students With Volunteers

    The staff is depleted, but Oaksterdam University is up and running again.

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