Smoker's Digest: News and Features

  1. Weed - YouGov Asks… Do Responsible Adults Smoke Pot?

    You bet’cha… As a pot smoker, a husband, a father, an employee and a taxpayer – I say yes. And thankfully most Americans are in agreement; pot smoking adults who “occasionally” smoke weed are no less responsible than the Xanax popping soccer mom. As Colorado enters its fourth month of marijuana legalization, the state prohibits… Read more »

  2. Weed - Newsflash: No One Smokes or Buys Mexican Brick Weed Anymore

    Schwag. Dirt. Mexican Brick Weed. We’ve all been forced to consume it at one point in our lives. Whether desperate for weed in a state like New Jersey (this guy) or in Puerto Vallarta without a hookup, sometimes, it’s all you can get your hands on. After one puff, you realize that money would be… Read more »

  3. Weed - CH9′s G Bolt Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

    The CH9 G-Bolt strain acquired its abbreviated name from its hybrid mother – the G bolt Motarebel – which is a chronic mix of Sativa/Indica, with strong roots to northern California’s Humboldt region. The G Bolt Motarebel mom is often abbreviated and more commonly referred to as ‘Mortareble’. Basic Info: A complicated lineage, this strain is… Read more »

  4. Weed - AG Holder Is Blunt About Marijuana Rescheduling…”We have acted appropriately”

    No, actually you haven’t. Atty. Gen. Eric holder was fired up yesterday by the House Judiciary Committee. After publicly stating last week during a House Appropriations Committee hearing “We’d be more than glad to work with Congress,” with regards to the rescheduling of marijuana on the CSA. Claiming “It’s something that ultimately Congress would have… Read more »

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  6. Weed - Too Stoney? Or Not Potent Enough…Colorado Seeks THC Guidelines For Their Edibles

    Whether spurred on by the 19-year-old college exchange student, who fell four stories to his death after eating legally purchased pot cookies… or not? No one knows for sure. But the Colorado marijuana industry agrees – their edibles are in serious need of an equivalency standard. When inexperience weed tourists buy their stash from a… Read more »

  7. Weed - Former Louisville Star Chane Behanan Busted for Smoking Weed…Again

    Chane Behanan likes his dope. So much that while at Louisville, Behanan was suspended not once, not twice, but three times for “off-court issues” that all revolved around brazen dope-smoking. In between those suspensions, of course, Behanan was a key cog on the Cardinals’ 2013 National Championship team. But his fourth strike got him kicked off… Read more »

  8. Weed - Champagne Kush Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

    For those heads living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Champagne Kush is the “Go to” strain when it’s time to relax. Basic Info: A deluxe coupling of genetics, Champagne Kush is an equally split hybrid (50/50 – Indica/Sativa) that overwhelms the senses with its sparkling swollen calyxes and sticky resin encrusted pistils. When properly… Read more »

  9. Weed - Boat With a Over a Million Dollars of Weed Washes Ashore in Malibu

    Another day, another dollar million or so dollars lost to The Drug War. An unmanned fishing boat–but extremely armed with green–was discovered on the shores of Malibu yesterday with over a ton of marijuana within its cargo (that’s over 2,000 pounds and 1-2 million bucks worth of bud). The boat got the attention of Malibu State… Read more »

  10. Weed - Maine Lawmakers To Vote On Allowing Marijuana Legalization Initiative To Go Before Voters

    Recently, Gov. LePage introduced a bill, LD 1811, to crack down on heroin and cocaine trafficking. While we disagree with his approach (doubling-down on the War on Drugs) Sen. David Dutremble and Rep. Corey Wilson have crafted a compromise proposal in committee that would address many of the hard-drug addiction issues Maine faces, while putting… Read more »

  11. Weed - Maryland: Marijuana Decriminalization Legislation Passes Senate, Gov. O’Malley To Sign SB 364 Into Law

    Beginning October 1, 2014, marijuana will be decriminalized in the state of Maryland. In a moment of clarity, Gov. Martin O’Malley claimed he’s ready to put pen to paper and sign Senate bill 364 – this momentous epiphany came after Senate bill 364 (the marijuana decriminalization legislation) was passed by the state Senate by a… Read more »

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