Smoker's Digest: News and Features

  1. Weed - Cheech & Chong Confirm New Feature Film “Burning Joint” Will Happen!

    Cheech & Chong haven’t revived their classic film series since 1983′s Still Smokin, so forgive us stoners if we lost faith that the two would unite on the big screen. Thankfully, the ganja gods have smiled down on us, as Rolling Stone reports the two will bring it back, with an assist from Broken Lizard’s Jay… Read more »

  2. Weed - Medical Marijuana Bootcamp Returns to the Small Screen

    Call it a comeback! This is not a game. Or a lame April Fool’s Joke. Medical Marijuana Bootcamp is BACK in action. Tang and Chubbs have come out of their long weed hibernations with thirsty lungs and fresh minds. Once again ready to tackle all the pressing issues in cannabis culture the two old-school weed… Read more »

  3. Weed - Nevada Officially Legalizes Medical Marijuana Sales

    While it may take more than a year before the Silver State is dotted with medical marijuana dispensaries, grow shops, and assorted ancillary businesses – today, Nevada’s new medical marijuana statutes officially go into effect. Unfortunately, according to online reports, Nevada’s Green Rush of marijuana-based businesses may take a while to germinate. “The ability to… Read more »

  4. Weed - Jack Flash #5 Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

    The original Jack Flash strain was derived from Jack Herer genetics, and possessed some of its distinct phenotypes. In addition to introducing some mind blowing skunk characteristics which improved its ease of cultivation, the Jack Flash #5 received an upgrade in the flavor department as well. Basic Info: in the Jack Flash #5, the breeders… Read more »

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  6. Weed - WeedMaps Fires Up Marijuana Legalization Promotion In Times Square

    New York’s chronic new marijuana legalization ad at the “Crossroads of the world” was sponsored by WeedMaps — the world’s one-stop shop for locating marijuana dispensaries and leaving reviews. The new billboard highlights New York’s affluent pot smokers who are proud of their marijuana use. As WeedMaps CEO, Justin Hartfield explained it… Their sending a… Read more »

  7. Weed - Colorado Seeks to Severely Limit Home Grows, Caregivers

    There’s some sickening news out of Colorado, where it looks like America’s first legal weed state still soon take a giant step backwards. The state has instituted measures that could essentially kill home-growing and caregiving as we know it in Colorado: Starting Monday, the Colorado Health Department will send out letters to doctors who recommended… Read more »

  8. Weed - Snowball Music Fest to Descend on Denver this Weekend!

    Colorado’s largest music festival, SNOWBALL, goes down this weekend in Denver! From April 4-6 (Friday through Sunday), Snowball will take over the Mile High City of Denver with acts ranging from Pretty Lights to Knife Party and many, many more. Since the event will be taking place in the weed-friendly confines of Denver, Colorado–where the… Read more »

  9. Weed - New York Legalizes Marijuana!

    New York will become America’s third legal weed state, as Governor Cuomo will use an Executive Order to fully legalize the production, sale, and consumption of cannabis in New York. Reports surfaced late last night that Governor Cuomo is expected to make the stunning announcement on April 20 at 7:10 PM Eastern Time. In addition… Read more »

  10. Weed - Indiana Legalizes Industrial Hemp!

    Indiana has become the 11th state to re-legalize industrial Hemp production. State Governor Mike Pence signed bill S.B. 357, the “Industrial Hemp” bill, late last week with the hope that “Hemp will potentially create thousands of new, sustainable, and green jobs for Hoosiers.” Given Indiana’s immense farm industry (and space to farm), we hope the… Read more »

  11. Weed - Russell Simmons: “Marijuana is Less Harmful Than Tylenol”

    Russell Simmons may not smoke marijuana (anymore, at least), but the Def Jam founder and Hip Hop mogul knows what’s up when it comes to cannabis reform. Recently appearing on the Arsenio Hall Show, Simmons offered his unwavering support to end the Drug War and made comments supporting legalization. Hall asked Simmons if he was… Read more »

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