Smoker's Digest: News and Features

  1. Weed - Two New Jersey Chicks “Overdose On Weed” & Get Boy Arrested

    No one in the history of mankind had ever overdosed on weed. Until Tuesday afternoon, when thus entered New Jersey, where medical marijuana, fun, and down-ass chicks do not exist. Where girls cannot handle the dro: The two girls, age 15 and 16, were allegedly given the marijuana by the boy and were found on… Read more »

  2. Weed - Grand Theft Auto V is a Pothead Paradise

    Grand Theft Auto V takes place in the fictional “Los Santos,” which is quite obviously a virtual clone of Los Angeles. The game is a phenomenal work of realism by Rockstar Games, as they capture the city’s magnitude–its beauty, warts, and underground crime–in accurate fashion. From the Venice Beach boardwalk to downtown’s Skid Row to… Read more »

  3. Weed - Madonna Owns a Penis Shaped Bong

    “Milked for the very first time.” Madonna did an AMA on Reddit two days ago in which she expressed her desire to work with Daft Punk, bizarre dreams about Brad Pitt, and one of the “best gifts” she ever received: a Bong shaped like a Penis. Yes, glass-blowers have apparently been making penis-shaped bongs before you… Read more »

  4. Weed - Oregon State Rep. Earl Blumenauer Requests Board of Agriculture to Allow Industrial Hemp Cultivation

    Oregon’s U.S. Representative, Earl Blumenauer, fired off an interesting little note to the Oregon Agriculture Board two day’s ago – requesting them to allow for the implementation of Oregon’s dusty and forgotten hemp law, passed back 2009. Pleading with heads of the Ag Board to allow state farmers to begin cultivating the newly permissible Hemp crop. “I write to request… Read more »

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  6. Weed - New Research: Cannabinoids, Anandamide and The Fight Against Human Melanoma Cells

    “Cannabinoids are implicated in the control of melanoma cell proliferation”   Even Italy’s getting in on the act. New research out of the ‘Department of Pharmacy,’ at the University of Pisa, regarding the anticancer activity of cannabinoids and anandamide in human melanoma cells, suggests that anandamide may hold the key to controlling tumor cell proliferation. Italian scientists… Read more »

  7. Weed - Donate to the Colorado Flood Relief Fund for the Boulder Flood Victims

    Colorado is home for some of the Weedmaps family. The recent devastation caused by the “Boulder Flood” has affected the entire state of Colorado. To help begin the healing process, Weedmaps, along with the entire  Colorado Cannabis Community has set up a fundraiser with all proceeds going directly to the victims and towns affected by… Read more »

  8. Weed - Pots’ Stinky Terpenes Give a Heads Up on High

      Step foot any well-stocked dispensary and one of the first things you’ll observe is the vast array of chronic cannabis varieties waiting to be tested out – hundreds of glass filled Mason jars sparkling with well cured, tightly trimmed nugs. Dependent on health issues and the type of high you enjoy, most smokers have… Read more »

  9. Weed - New Study: Inactive CB1 Receptor Leads to Chronic Heart Failure

      A September 2013 study published in the International Journal of Cardiology seems to be suggesting that an inactive, or under stimulated CB1 receptor could ultimately end in chronic heart failure (CHF). The cannabinoid receptor type 1, most often abbreviated as CB1, is a G protein-coupled cannabinoid receptor, located primarily in the central and peripheral… Read more »

  10. Weed - Germany’s First Cannabis Club: Coming Soon to Berlin?

    When you think of vacationing to Germany, you think of beer. People head to the Central European hotbed hoping to meet a Heidi Klum-clone, knosh on Bratwursts, chug Hefeweizen, and maybe stumble into a few ancient castles whose names you can’t even pronounce. But if Monikia Herrman, the Kreuzberg district’s new mayor, gets her way,… Read more »

  11. Weed - Denver Council Will Allow Initial, Historic Recreational Marijuana Laws & Regulations

    Legal, recreational marijuana is coming to Colorado real, real soon. In a matter of months (January 2014ish), Amendment 64 will officially go into affect and some medical marijuana dispensaries in the state will have the ability to transfer over to 21+, recreational retail sales (there are various options on for these dispensaries). And Denver–which was… Read more »

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