Smoker's Digest: News and Features

  1. Weed - Wiz Khalifa Drops the West Coast Cure’s Hardcore OG in New B.o.B. Track!

    “Hardcore Budder lookin like cake batter!” B.o.B. released a new track yet. It’s called “High as Hell.” If you couldn’t tell from the title, every line in the song mentions the benefits of being high all the time. It’s pretty standard Hip-Hop fare: B.o.B. and the Wiz wax poetic about how high they are, how… Read more »

  2. Weed - Angelmatic Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

    Many cultivators have been on the endless search over the last 20 years; learning, burning and trying to extract the autoflowering characteristic from the many Russian ruderalis variants within the cannabis family. Autoflowering frees the cultivators from a regimented light routine as the ruderalis strain flowers based on the plants age; understanding of course, the… Read more »

  3. Weed - Scottish Soccer Player’s House Busted With Over 260 Weed Plants After Home Fire

    A house belonging to Danny Haynes of Scottish Premier League team Hibernian FC was being used as a “cannabis factory,” unbeknownst to the soccer football player, according to the Ipswich Star.  There is no suggestion Mr Haynes, 26, was either involved with, or aware of, what tenants of his house in Purdis Farm, Ipswich, were doing… Read more »

  4. Weed - Studies Show Pot Smoking and High IQs Go Hand-in-Hand

    Everyone knows that scholastically inclined person; the quiet kid with good grades and a skyrocketing IQ. The one who can who can play chess, explain the nature of the universe in latin – all while smoking you under the table. Well, apparently that’s not just an anomaly… Last month, a 30 year, 39,000 person Canadian… Read more »

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  6. Weed - Is Modern Marijuana Higher In THC?

    Today’s genetically modified marijuana has nearly tripled in THC content over the past 20 years, according to various tests performed for the DEA. (Good to know!) Despite that seemingly ominous news, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Pres. Barack Obama and a laundry list of other politicians understand that today’s modern marijuana is good medicine – and remains… Read more »

  7. Weed - Trailer Park Boys Season 8 Will Air On Netflix This Fall!

    Hop aboard the Shwayze Express because Canada’s trashiest, dopest, and boldest stoners are bringing it back! In hiatus since 2008′s Season 7 (that’s five LONG years), Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, J-Roc, and the rest of the gang are bringing it back one more time. Of course, the Boys are also blessing us with another feature-length film… Read more »

  8. Weed - WeedmapsTV Hits Spain for Spannabis, Dab-a-Doo and Spanish Weedventures!

    Did you know there’s an up-and-coming cannabis scene in Spain? The country’s (largely in Barcelona) connoisseur driven “Cannabis Social Clubs” act as both quasi-dispensaries and hang-out spots for like-minded Spanish individuals looking to get lifted and stay medicated. If you’re a tourist, you need an in or a contact to get into these clubs–fortunately, WeedmapsTV… Read more »

  9. Weed - New Poll:  Americans View Marijuana Legalization As Inevitable

    Heads up Stoner nation… Opinions change fast! Once maligned and feared by the American public, marijuana’s popularity has seen a sharp uptick recently – as public sentiment over legalizing pot has smoke passed the tipping point nationwide. Released today, a new poll points out that nearly 75% of Americans believe that pot’s legalization is nothing… Read more »

  10. Weed - Wisconsin Approves CBD-Legislation for Epileptic Children, MMJ Patients

    Wisconsin’s Senate has unanimously signed off on a bill that would allow children suffering from seizures to access CBD-oil to treat their illnesses. Just like Kentucky and Utah last week, Wisconsin becomes the latest non-medical marijuana state to approve cannabis oils for epileptic patients–which all combine for a huge acknowledgment for cannabis as medicine When… Read more »

  11. Weed - Carnival Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

    With summer almost hear… it’s just about Carnival time. Forget about the house of mirrors  and the scary clowns, as this strain of weed offers an incredibly soothing ride. Basic Info:  Thought to originate in Northern California with a Central American connection, Carnival is a bastard strain. Its hybridized genetics are thought to be the… Read more »

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