Smoker's Digest: News and Features

  1. Weed - Utah’s Medical Marijuana Farce

    Some Bible-clutching politicians from the backward state of Utah were just the latest in a series of right-wing states forced to confront the science behind medical marijuana, and legalize the use of this God-given miracle plant — at least in theory. Back on March 25, about 50 parents of children with severe epilepsy joined the… Read more »

  2. Weed - Saturday Morning Wake-n-Bake With Chronic Coma Oatmeal Cookies

    It’s Saturday morning, the suns not quite up yet, and I’m getting ready to start this weekend off on a High note… Firing up a quick “wake-n-bake” bong rip, off a sticky nug of some dank OG. If all goes according to plan – and I can get off the couch afterwards – I intend… Read more »

  3. Weed - Alaska’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

    Alaska’s Long and Bumpy Road to Marijuana Legalization Back in the heady days of 1975, Alaska had the opportunity to lead this nation away from Nixon’s ridiculous war on drugs: the Alaskan Legislature proactively approved a bill to decriminalize private possession of up to one ounce of marijuana, replacing the possibility of time in jail… Read more »

  4. Weed - Zero Gravity Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

    Gravity: the strain… not the movie – is the matriarch of a mind numbing, clone only strain known as Zero Gravity. After a long and convoluted trip, Gravity found her way into the considerate hands of the breeders at THSeeds. A newbie friendly plant, Zero Gravity is a relatively easy strain to cultivate for the… Read more »

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  6. Weed - Win A Chance To Be A Product Tester For Dixie Elixirs

    With summertime just around the corner and college kids looking for meaningful employment, a Denver-based marijuana company, Dixie Elixirs, have just introduced an interesting new opportunity for those that might ordinarily spend their summer hanging out with a few buds – getting high in a smoke circle. That of a product tester. As the company’s… Read more »

  7. Weed - Minnesota Gov. Tells Parents to Buy Their Kid’s Medical Marijuana Off The Street

    Compassion and empathy be damned… Ignorance and arrogance are in fashion on the Great Lakes. Minnesota’s governor, Mark Dayton, urged the parents of sick children in support of legalizing medical marijuana – to get their medicine illegally on the dangerous  streets of “The Gopher State.” Pissed off and prepared to fight, a group of parents… Read more »

  8. Weed - Marijuana Motivates 40% of Voters to HIT the Polls!

    You in politics and want to win an election? Just go green, baby! A recent poll conducted by George Washington University shows that smoking the vote is indeed a viable strategy. Four out of every 10 poll respondents said that if marijuana reform is on a ballot, then they would (against their normal policy) go… Read more »

  9. Weed - Kentucky Will Approve Cannabis Oils for Medical, Clinical Use for Children With Epilepsy

    Just days after Utah approved their own cannabis-oil amendment, it appears Kentucky will follow suit. Yesterday, the Kentucky House voted unanimously to allow the “medical use of a marijuana extract.” That extract will, like in Utah, be a CBD-only extract (thus, not helping those in need of THC) and available to individuals with severe epilepsy. State… Read more »

  10. Weed - Colorado Basketball Coach Fired for Posting Weed Pictures to Facebook

    Weed is legal in Colorado, so you’d think the state’s citizens would be free to show their love of all things green on social media channels, right? You’d be wrong. The Bromwell Elementary School has fired their after-school basketball coach for posting pictures to his Facebook page of cannabis concentrates–from last September and June (of… Read more »

  11. Weed - The Killing Fields Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

    The Killing Fields kicks ass! No… Not the ones in Cambodia, littered by the Khmer Rouge with dead bodies. Instead, we are speaking of a peaceful strain, one which originated from the expectation that it would yield fields of killer kick-ass flower. The strain was originally developed in order to incorporate Sannie’s Jack with a… Read more »

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