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    Just down the street from the DOJ in our nation’s capital, the D.C. Council stands ready to make history today. Taking a stand against the outdated prohibition on marijuana, the DC Council will vote their conscience, making Washington DC one of the nation’s most progressive cities for marijuana possession. Reducing the burdensome pot penalties which… Read more »

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    Today DC residents will have a chance to weigh in on Marion Barry’s idea – marijuana decriminalization – and whether or not to decriminalize the personal possession of small amounts of pot. A public hearing will be held tonight (October 23, 2013) to hear the communities input on the Simple Possession of Marijuana Decriminalization Act… Read more »

  3. drug mentions

    Marijuana reform has swept the nation this year. Thanks in large part to activists, the Gupta special, plus Washington and Colorado’s imminent legalization, it’s surpassed gay marriage as the hot cultural topic du jour–and the nation’s elected government officials have certainly taken note. And thus far in 2014–up until September 22–marijuana reform has been mentioned a whopping… Read more »

  4. DC-Marijauna-Init

    Some on the DC city Council are apparently over it! Tired of prosecuting harmless recreational pot smokers, David Grosso, a city Councilman is preparing to introduce legislation before the DC city Council seeking to eliminate all criminal and civil penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana by adults over the age of 21. If passed,… Read more »

  5. Washington DC marijuana legalization

    As federal opposition to state pot laws goes up in smoke, DC’s plan to legalize weed is anything but a pipe dream! If Washington DC Councilman, David Grosso has his way, September 17th could be a chronic date for the DC city Council. Councilman Grosso is currently working on an initiative that would regulate and… Read more »

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    With poverty in Washington DC running rampant, lack of access to medicinal cannabis for the districts qualified medical marijuana patients is an Omni present and overwhelming issue. While nearly 1 in 5 residents of the nation’s capital exist well below the national poverty line, a new proposal for a  program that could help the poor… Read more »

  7. tacoma wellness

    Earlier today, Washington D.C.’s Department of Health opened up applications for the District’s medical marijuana patients, signifying the capital’s long-awaited commencement of a compassionate program. Like in most conservative, East Coast MMJ states, restriction will limit access to D.C. Residents with debilitating diseases like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and Glaucoma. These potential patients all require a doctor’s… Read more »

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    Multiple claims of unfair application scoring…

  9. dc high rez

    Montel Williams is a co-owner of one of the six groups chosen to grow and sell medical marijuana in Washington, D.C.

  10. Richard Brandson, Catherine Blackbee

    Sir Richard Branson will be one of the speakers this Thursday in D.C. at an anti-Drug War event organized by The Atlantic.

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