30 a gram???

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by WordisBong, May 3, 2010.

  1. WordisBong WordisBong

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    For purp? How bad am i getting ripped off? I've been dry for so long and the guy insists that's all he has.

    I can't stand dishonest, self-serving MF'ers who have something you want/need but won't give it to you unless they get something big out of it. The inability to see from other's perspectives and want to help them is a SERIOUS character flaw...:soapbox:
  2. hipe hipe

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    thats steep.. but not that uncommon from what i hear. hopefully its good.
  3. Love4TheNugg Love4TheNugg

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    $30 a gram is a downright rip off. At most, $20 a gram, and thats the chronic stuff. This dude offered me some Super Silver Haze from a club for $20 a gram. That's the most I would pay, unless your actually a club and thats the advertised price, in that case it could be worth it.
  4. gnjisthbst gnjisthbst

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    I dont believe in charging more for purple weed, thats ridiculous, it only means it was either denied potassium at some point, or was dropped below a certain temp during a growth phase....simple process, but depending on where you live....i guess 30 could be legit, location location location!!! hehehe, i bet its dank tho....happy tokin!!!
  5. 1956 1956

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    Caveat Emptor

    It's whatever the consumer will pay. Maybe it was the end of his stash and it was only worth that price for him to part with it. Maybe he thought you would pay that much. Unless he sold it to you under threat of violence the only one you can blame is staring at you in the mirror.
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  6. Justiiice Justiiice

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    I wouldn't pay $30 a gram unless I have never seen anything like that bud before (meaning I've never seen dank bud). But in my area no bud is more then $20 a gram. I think most people wouldn't pay more then that so no one sells it for more then that. It has to be something extremely rare. Make sure you peep it before you even make a deal, and then try to get it for $20.
  7. noobsaibot noobsaibot

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    the last few i bought were purp. 10 a gram. you know i took adavantage of that.
  8. High High

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    Dude thats such a rip off!! I get purple kush for $150 every half o'.
    And White Widow is $250 every half o'
  9. Mazzinator Mazzinator

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    thats ridiculous.in my area i can get an 1/8 of good mids for $30, i would never waste that much money on 1 gram.an 8th of mids will last me a few days at worst, and a gram could easily last me less that an hour or 2. in all honesty, i love my dank but even paying $20 a gram is too much for me.i rarely buy less than a 8th even when i am broke, ill save up for an 8th if i have to, and the days off not smoking saving up is a tiny tolerance break.
  10. PepeTheMano PepeTheMano

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    4 hours of minimum wage to way for a gram of a dried out plant....jeezums
  11. AstroCoaster AstroCoaster

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    If I was going to get bud for $30 a gram it better be some kick ass stuff otherwise its just a huge rip-off. If I'm not off the ground sooner then it takes me to get off the ground from high grade stuff then its basically just the same as any other type of $20 a gram bud.
  12. SmokeyMcPott SmokeyMcPott

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    $20 a gram is the most I've ever paid for bud. Even the overpriced "70's" bud that douches try to sell around here is still sold at $20 a gram. You're getting ripped, IMO. Maybe try to find another dealer that'll sell you the same stuff cheaper, or even call the guy out on it. It's not uncommon for people to try to rip newbies. It's sad, but that's part of dealng with the underground. Know your stuff. ;)
  13. solomons_lion solomons_lion

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    Did you try to haggle? i have some experience in this and people tend to charge as much as isnt ridiculous, and will usually lower prices with a word or 2. You could prolly get it down to 20. No marijuana is worth 20 a g to me. Its a freekin plant. It should be free.
  14. KushBandit KushBandit

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    Actually many strains of Marijuana have genetics that cause the purple coloring. As for it being from malnutrition, that could be because of too much heat, too little heat, insufficiant supply of Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Nitrogen, or Phosphorus.

    If you have any experience with growing Cannabis plants, then you could see the difference between genetics and poor growing techniques. Just FYI :)
  15. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    Considering i usually pay 10, and have never paid more than 20, for a gram of dank, 30 seems unreasonable to me. However, prices flucuate greatly based on location (and the buyer's precieved desperation with some dealers), so in the end, only you can decide if its too much. In my current situaiton I wouldn't dream of buying it...but if I'd been out for weeks or months.....well......I'd like to say I'd STILL pss it up....but at that point I can't make guarantees!
  16. nikk nikk

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    30$ a gram isn't worth it in my opinion. Unless you have no other option.
    Even if you don't I'd still probably wait and look around, find somebody for 20 per and buy a quarter, it'll save you a good chunk of $$.
  17. DankMoose DankMoose

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    Hahaa, my last purchase was dank for 30 a g, total ripoff because we found out that our other friend had the same stuff and he was willing to sell it to us for 10 a g. Worst mistake of my life. It was for a belated 420 party.
  18. buddlydoright buddlydoright

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    hell no! The most I would pay would be $20 a gram(which I buy in bulk, so I don't even pay that). If you are ok without any, I would just go with $20 and say sorry this is all I got. Then if he doesn't want to sell it just walk away. Its like the shops in Jamaica, they tell you a price you tell them what your willing to pay for it and they say sorry. Then you walk away and they come running after you. It all depends on how desperate your dealer is.
  19. NavyBlueZ NavyBlueZ

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    Jeez, that's steep. When you're looking for weed, be careful how you come off man. Don't go telling random people that you're really desperate. I'm wondering if that's what happened here.

    Personally, I try to always save up for at least an 1/8th. Much better deal. $50/3.5=$14 a gram (or $60 if you don't know the guy, but that's still $17/g).

    If you're set on a gram though, I'd tell this guy that I appreciate the offer, but I found some other guy selling better stuff for 20. If he's a good salesman, he'll want to keep your business and at least match it. Or if he's not, fuck it, he's looking at you as a money sign anyways. There's too much weed out there to let yourself get screwed over like that.
  20. Sofa King Sofa King

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