Adolescents and weed

Discussion in 'Science' started by what, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. what what

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    i know that weed doesnt kill brain cells or at least not many and if it does its from lack of oxygen when holding in smoke but i have heard it can effect adolecences differently then adults check out this video on YouTube called cannabis heals cancer I lost the link sorry and it says it at the end and can anyone give me links to real tests on weed
  2. OrangeJuiceandKush OrangeJuiceandKush

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  3. Marley's Bong Marley's Bong

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    I heard that brains that are not fully develooped shouldnt smoke weed becuase it screws up the area in the brain that deals with maturity.
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  4. Le0n Le0n

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    I would actually agree that both medically and morally an adolescent should NOT have access to Marijuana.

    This is another reason why I am all for Regulated Legalization and not the hippy pipe dream of De-legislation.
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  5. Stoned_Penguin Stoned_Penguin

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    I'm an adolescent and I smoke weed...nothing is seriously wrong with me...
  6. what what

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    is there anymore information about teenagers and weed and what does it shrink in the brain and what about lungs i hear that your lungs clean out the tar somewhat and i also hear that decreases your lung capacity and reaction time what are ways to higher both so if they do decrease those things i can higher them
  7. bombardi bombardi

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    You would think that now, but just wait a few years down the road. :D
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  8. XplodingDuck XplodingDuck

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    On behalf of other teens, Id like to say that my grades have actually IMPROVED since i started smoking. Am I a perfect student? No. I'm a middle-upper performer. But last semester I was 100% against using MJ. Since I tried it over the Christmas break, my grades are better than last semester's. What does it have to do with maturity? It shows I can keep my priorities straight. That might not be the case with every teen though.. Just my two cents..
  9. Drew420 Drew420

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    Yeah. I have to admit, when I started smoking, it got a lot less stressful to do well in school. And I'm more mature, partly because I'm older now.
  10. Beast'N On'M Beast'N On'M

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    What will happen a few years down the road?
  11. Grass-Smoka Grass-Smoka

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    My first toke was when I was 13, granted I didn't smoke too often then compared to now but I'm doing very well physically and mentally. I'm a big thinker and my friends call me the "human encyclopedia" because I never try in school and I currently have an 87% average. I also work out 4-5 times a week and am part of school athletic teams. So...take that stoner stereotypes!
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  12. CallMeRalphayyy CallMeRalphayyy

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    everyone is different

    Personally, i started smoking before my 16th birthday. I'll be 18 in a few months and smoke on a regular basis now. I didnt care about school last year so i do cyber school now and am over 2 months behind. My memory is definitely going and have a short attention span compared to before.

    I love the ganja, but it has changed me in some ways. I wouldn't say it messes with someone maturing cause since i been smoking, i have done a lot of maturing and taking more responsibility for my self.
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  13. smokeexpress420 smokeexpress420

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    Yea it really don't matter though cause I got a good head on my shoulders, and a future ahead of me that I have paved for myself. I can end school with a 3.4 GPA, and I plan on attending a massage therapy college that will put me straight into work affter recieving my license. Weed has help me to see what I love in life, and applying it to my future. Instead of following everyone elses suggestions and attending a college that will put me in debt and teach me a bunch of bullshit having to do with something I might not even do, I'm going somewhere that fits the way I think and work. In my opinion society could be much more intelligent with a drug like weed to put people in perspective, because at the momment most are ignorent to people all around the world either starving or homeless. But anyways, I smoke weed in a controlled manner, and I think if people leanred the benifts of weed instead of just the action of smoking it, people would control their smoking to their best interest too. Don't get me wrong, I'm no doctor or scientist, but I'm sure as hell not ignorent and droned up like half of society.

    Furthermore, for people to make dumbass interpretations, and likely contridicting ones at that, I think that gives me the right to too.

    Don't matter though, I will be smoking no matter what, and you can never completely control the regulation of weed. It will always be there for youth like me. Whether its from Uncle Sam's own regulation, or a friends aunt, if your mature enough to smoke on your own, and you want to as teenager, you most likely will.

    I'm super keyed though you guys take it easy, no need to cast stones on eachother btw, we're all human, and we all smoke that tree. Cheaaa.
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  14. LanDaddy LanDaddy

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    Here's the way I look at it:
    Marijuana is considered a depressant isn't it? Well, during adolescence, the brain is developing rapidly, especially the frontal lobe, which deals with maturity (I think).

    So every time you smoke marijuana (a depressant), you're stunting your brain development for that day that you do it. I don't really think it inhibits brain development past the day that you consume it. So if you're smoking daily between the ages of 16-20, chances are that your brain is definitely not developing at a normal rate, if at all.
  15. CouchPotato CouchPotato

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    Too much of anything, even if it's "good" can be a bad thing.

    I'm a teenager. My grades aren't perfect. I'm a lazy student, but that's not because of cannabis. In fact, it's made me less lazy in an aspect. When I did revision. Every hour of the day I worked up, was an extra bowl or hit on a bong for me to relax, unwind for the evening, so my mind is fresh and clear the next day. This also made me really enjoy getting high as I felt like I earned it.

    However, the whole "maturity" thing going on here, I can't say whether it's true or not, I guess it could be?
    Mentally I'm mature in one aspect, but not in the other;
    I pull silly pranks on friends, I used to be the class clown, but at the same time I have great self control and social abilities and can be extremely sensible when I need to be. I just enjoy having fun and making the most out of life.
    Physical maturity? I'm not too sure on that one. Someone elaborate? We talking about genital growth? I've been smoking for about 2 maybe 2 and a half years and when I started smoking was when I started seeing the biggest changes.

    I think you've got to take everything you hear with a pinch of salt. It could just be propaganda.
  16. FenderGreen FenderGreen

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    I am 15 and smoke weed. hey its better than alcohol
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    Really stoned, did not see page two at all. Need another toke.

    Oh, I did not smoke until I turned 18. That's when I was released from reform school. But yeah, pretty sure it was the pot that destroyed my life. It was on my mind the first 14 times I was arrested as a juvenile, even though I had not actually smoked any at that time.
  18. Grass-Smoka Grass-Smoka

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    How is it that "pot" destroyed your life? Nothing but your actions alone...

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    Did you even read the post for cripes sake?

    It was a stinkin' joke, read where it says I had not even smoked, sarcasm is beyond you?

    Everyone blames everything but themselves for every little thing that goes wrong in life, WTF, I make a pretty obviously clueless statement making fun of those kinds of people and get taken seriously. Shows how bad this victim oriented culture has become.:soapbox:
  20. Grass-Smoka Grass-Smoka

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    It's pretty hard to get sarcasm over the Internet like that and it wasn't so "obvious" as you'd like it to be.

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