All my posts have to be verified by a staff member?

Discussion in ' Support Forum' started by ChillinWithZach420, May 23, 2012.

  1. ChillinWithZach420 ChillinWithZach420

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    Just wondering why all my posts have to be verified by a staff member did i do something wrong or is this normal?
  2. Keith Keith

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    This is normal, it's not just you at all. As a countermeasure to spam, the first few posts from a newly registered member must be approved by a moderator before going public to the boards. It helps us catch spambots before they get a chance to post their garbage.

    Not sure what the specific number is, but after a certain amount of posts they will no longer need to be approved. Each new post from there will automatically be displayed publically for the forum to see.

    This is a good question, and I'm going to sticky it so other new members can be reminded: As a newly registered member, your first few posts must be approved by the staff before being displayed on the forums.
  3. legalizeitnow1 legalizeitnow1

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    is this still an active forum???? ive been waiting on a Mod to approve my comments for a few days now.
  4. Keith Keith

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    Yeah, sorry about that fellas. They're working on the software, so lately the layout has been so glitchy that moderators can't click on the "Moderated Posts" section. Fortunately, I found an old link in my browser history that opens up all the moderated posts, so I'm currently going back on dozens & dozens of posts from the past 10 days and am approving/deleting them as deemed fit.

    We're usually on top of these things, too. I wasn't online from 10/30-11/05 because of Hurricane Sandy (caused major power outages in New Jersey, I had no electricity for 6 consecutive days), otherwise I would've figured this out sooner.

    So yeah, new posts still get moderated. Again, sorry it took so long to approve these.
  5. mj_is_cool mj_is_cool

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    Hi, I'm new here but I would like to know: "How does someone become a moderator?"

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