Aluminum foil and smoking weed

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  1. BlazedCanadian BlazedCanadian

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    many people use aluminum foil when it comes to smoking weed. ive tryed looking it up and nobody really has a clear explanation if its bad for you and does cause alzheimers or no it doesent. To melt aluminum foil a regular lighter can not do it (which is a good thing). But does anybody have the real answar? is it bad for you or is not bad. i also would appricate it if the info you get from sites is from a legit source not a random fake site. thanks :D
  2. sterbo sterbo

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    I've smoked from pipes using aluminum foil on and off for decades with no apparent deterioration of my senses.
    That said, I wouldn't go out of my way to do it but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it either...
  3. StonedCoder StonedCoder

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    Hold a piece of aluminum foil in a lighter flame and watch for fumes to come off and just know that that's what you could be inhaling. I'd use part of a pop can since it's thicker and can take more heat. Personally, taste is enough of a deterrent.
  4. BlazedCanadian BlazedCanadian

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    only problem with cans is it has a toxic coating of paint on it :S
    but yeah i no what u mean by the taste
  5. StonedCoder StonedCoder

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    I generally use it to make bowls with the paint on the outside. It's still not great but I consider it a notch up from aluminum foil.
  6. bhoward bhoward

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    im pretty sure aluminum foil is okay but soda cans are not! the paint on the paint on the outside and there is some coating on the inside so just make a pure aluminum pipe =). upside to that is you can make the bowl as big as you want!! i used to make those pipes like across the back yard so you had to team light that shit haha.
  7. StonedCoder StonedCoder

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    I'd really appreciate some evidence one way or another.
  8. Buzzby Buzzby

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    The connection between aluminum and Alzheimer's is a myth that someone started when it was announced that the Alzheimer's plaques in the brains of deceased victims contain relatively high levels of aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most common elements in our environment and you get far more of it in the foods you eat than you'd ever get from smoking out of aluminum foil. There's no causative relationship between aluminum and Alzheimers.

    I'd avoid smoking out of aluminum cans because of the paint and inside coating.
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  9. ChrisRoberts ChrisRoberts

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    careful about that aluminum foil smoking that will give you Alzheimer bro./
  10. kjp420 kjp420

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    how could u get alzteimers by smoking with aluminum foil wen u put aluminum above a lighter the "fumes' is the lighter fluid after its burned...
  11. jacjak jacjak

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    if you smoke with aluminum foil all the time you might aswell just buy a cheap bowl.
  12. carldaweedguy420 carldaweedguy420

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    you cant melt it but if its a really thin layer its can be burn an sorta whither away when moking out of a aluminum pipe

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