AMAZING - The Weed Chocolate ! So High You Can't Even Move !

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Joshycc, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Joshycc Joshycc

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    A little story first - or just skip down a bit if you just want to know how to make them !

    Okay , I've been smoking weed for a few months now , first joint was with my mum !
    And over the past few weeks I've saved up and bought just over 10g (£120) yeah the prices are pretty shit .. But anyway - usually I smoke around .7g per blunt - don't smoke it with tobacco it's terrible with :/ and with .7g I'm quite high , the general things
    - hearing things - doing random shit - eating .. You get the drift ..

    But , I decided to try eating weed - as my step mum is ALWAYS in the house I couldn't make Cannabutter , and most of these recipes are using 1ounce of trimmings - but trimmings are hard to get hold of if your dealer is shit .. So I decided to just try throwing some weed into some chocolate and seeing what happened ...
    I used around 1g I think .. Maybe more or less , but I ground up all my weed and I put in half a shot glass (not tightly packed - just a few pinch's) so my weed was ready !
    I made them and put them in some sort of plastic lid , the result looked like a chocolate coin , but I only used a tea spoon in each chocolate . They set within 1 hour of being just on my window side - I left them 2 days before eating . I made 6 from half a bar of choc and 1g of weed

    I brought them to my friends house -my other friend asked for half of 1 , and so him and another friend had half ...they said they didn't feel anything - so I was feeling pretty sad ..
    But anyway , later on when everyone has gone and it was just me and my friend at his house , neither of us had ever eaten weed before so because my friend had a half and he didn't get high , we decided to have the rest - 2 and a half each !!!

    After 30 minutes i was feeling pretty fucked - literally couldn't say anything without dieing of laughing .. I thought a cow was stuck in the fridge and I started crying on the floor .. I got really scared of his dog and when it licked me i started crying , my friend didn't seem to be high , as when I was laughing he just seemed to be getting pissed off , but after another half an hour .. He was fucked - LOTS happened in the next hour , like a huge mission to get a glass of water .. Then another mission to get a mirror , the fact that our eyes were FULLY red .. We led on the floor and my friend started lifting his legs and arms up saying he was a piece of metal and there was a magnet on the roof , I said I was a piece of plastic ;) ..
    We did loads and i can't be arsed to tell you everything else - but , I've NEVER felt so high , I literally couldn't move half of the time ..
    So it was like .3 g to get amazingly fucked that you can't even move !!!!

    Okay - story finished and onto HOW TO !!

    Things you will need
    - half a big bar of chocolate
    - a microwave
    - a plastic tub
    - a mixing device (a spoon is good !)
    - around 1g of some bud - not trimmings
    - chocolate moulds (anything like an ice cube tray - use 1 tea spoon of mixture per choc.)

    - melt the chocolate in a plastic tub , put it on for 20 second then check it , and repeat until it is melted nicley
    - once it is melted , put your ground up weed in
    - mix it up so the weed is mixed in properly
    - put in microwave for another 20 seconds
    - spoon it into your choice of mould
    - leave to set somewhere cold
    - leave 1-2 days before eating

    I would only eat 1(but if you want to be high in the clouds have 2?) - make sure you Eat it when you have had something to eat before !

    Thanks for reading my story if you did and a PIC tutorial will be up soon :D
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  2. Bud Is good Bud Is good

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    .3 grams to get fucked up...And you used the microwave..thats freaking cool shit man..Never thought of that..

    I melt all my chocolate on the stove..Never tried the microwave..Although I've never put weed in it..Great idea..
  3. Joshycc Joshycc

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    Yeah , I tried using a double boiler thing - but the choc just went wrong ..
    Putting it in the microwave is 10x easyier !

    And I'm going to make a PIC tutorial some time this week ! Keep a look out :) !
  4. XplodingDuck XplodingDuck

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    Pretty excited for this thread. A pic tutorial would be sickkk.

    Not meaning to get ahead of myself here, but do you really need to cool it for 1-2 days? I would think a few hours in the fridge/freezer would do it justice.
  5. CoffeeMiss CoffeeMiss

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    Same, I have a gas burning (Best kind ever, if you were wondering) so I rarely touch the microwave.
  6. CoffeeMiss CoffeeMiss

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    :hail: I am so going to try this you good sir are amazing and smart
  7. Joshycc Joshycc

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    Yeah , a pic tutorial will be up maybe this wednesday if your lucky :p

    And I don't know , just keep them in the fridge , but I would wait at least a day :) !
  8. Bud Is good Bud Is good

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    Just over night, or a couple hours in the fridge, Will make it set up...When I make fudge..A couple hours in fridge is all it needs..Butter is usally left overnight in fridge..

    Days is a little long..I'm not sure I could wait that long...
  9. Joshycc Joshycc

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    Right , I need to upload all the pictures !
    But they are all ready for a PIC TUTORIAL !!
    Stay tuned ;)
  10. Beast'N On'M Beast'N On'M

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    I'll definitely be back to this thread if weed becomes legal.
  11. Joshycc Joshycc

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    A pic tut is hard on an iPad !
    So , until Xmas , here is a little teaser !!


  12. Zix Zix

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    Ok, I have two questions.

    -- Can you more closely define a "big bar"?

    -- Can you please re-word this: use 1 tea spoon of mixture per choc.

    I can't make any sense of it.

  13. Joshycc Joshycc

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    Right - a teaspoon is a spoon which you use to stir coffee and tea with - so for each chocolate you make , use 1 teaspoon of chocolate ?!
    And - a big bar is 100g , so use 50g of chocolate ?!
  14. sativaking sativaking

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    Anyone know the amount of hash oil to use with this recipe intead of bud , also do you wanna just chew it up to get it down or will it work better if you kinda let it melt in your mouth first , i did that will some solid canna coconut oil ( stronger cannabuter alternative) with amazing results.

    Im gonna do this monday and chocolate will be coated in nonpareils!
  15. Joshycc Joshycc

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    I don't know about oils ...
    But , I find it's just better if you chew it hard .. Keep it in your mouth for 10 seconds or so whilst chewing .. Then chill and wait :)
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  16. demonpie demonpie

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    Has anyone tried this yet? Any success?

    Anyone try this yet? Was it successful?
  17. W E E D W E E D

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    0.5-0.75g as hash is generally 40-60% THC and bud is normally 10-15% up to 20% if it's real nice.

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