Bad to smoke while sick?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by CanadianToker, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. CanadianToker CanadianToker

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    ive got a bit of a cold...runny nose and bit of a cough
    just wondering if it is a really bad idea to be smoking while im sick?
  2. ChronicMasta ChronicMasta

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    even tho i don't recommend it i've smoke while sick, really sick witha head cold adn a chest cold.. and i think it may have made me worse at the time..... i also smoked once when my tonsil was badly infected but i was fibne the day after smoking.. i doubt smoking cured it tho.. i suggest not smoking but i don't think it will be too bad.. as i ahve done it before makes u completely dforget your sick

    or wake up have a dayquil (sp?) and smoke a splif you will fell like a million bucks..
  3. vaya vaya

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    I dunno, i've heard that it can be beneficial to smoke whilst sick.
  4. ikari ikari

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    helped me once... the way i look at it is, try it once, if it makes it worse than hold off, if it makes it better keep using it.

    certainly can't hurt to try once, unless of course you have a throat infection or something :(
  5. bo-battie bo-battie

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    i find that when i smoke while sick, it feels like sh*t while i'm doing the actual smoking. hurts like a b*tch, but then when the coughing is over i feel alot better than i did before i smoked... and the coughing could probably be avoided by using a vaporizer. i say go for it, but use a water bong or a vaporizer. if you don't have access to either of those, suck on a halls or two while smoking. it makes the smoke alot less harsh.
  6. manvsbigmachine manvsbigmachine

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    Well...I find that when I try to get high when I'm sick, I don't get very high and it only makes my throbbing head feel really light, at the most. I smoke almost daily, so maybe my reaction to weed is lessened, but smoking while sick never makes me feel better. Anyone else?
  7. manvsbigmachine manvsbigmachine

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    I just remembered something. A few years ago I had a throat infection and my doctor was really young and really cool, and on top of my antibiotics he prescribed me some Hydrocodone (a narcotic opioid, very similar to Morphine and Codine, and of course Heroin, which is acetylmorphine). Well, while on THAT and getting high - holy ****. I've never been so ****ed up. :goof: It was really cool!

    (P.S.> I don't endorse or recommend opioids or opiates in any fashion, I've only related this as a weed smoking experience, and the narcotics were legally obtained. I don't want this thread to get closed!)

    {Mod Note: It didn't...but please refrein from discussing other drugs. It is against policy. Thank you. Mama Budz}
  8. strange_blaze strange_blaze

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    When im sick and i get high, i always feel better after. Hangovers are also cured by weed....well most of the time. I think one of the reasons is that when im high i kinda forget that im sick...

  9. wakDbuds wakDbuds

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    i always smoke some weed when im sick, it makes me feel a helluva lot better. i dont smoke nearly as much tho, maybe just a bong every few hours or so
  10. Shard Shard

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    Oh wow...

    getting high while sick is nuts...

    it triples the effect

    I"m giggling like a madman....

    a madman on *weed*
  11. Monterey Bud Monterey Bud

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