Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by UnknownFo, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. UnknownFo UnknownFo

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    Anyone know where I would be able to buy those little baggies for cheap?Let me know if you know anything about this. Thanks!
  2. mindraver mindraver

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    umm...the Grocery Store? where else? they have all different kinds at most stores too.

    are you stoned?


  3. Bailey1138 Bailey1138

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    yep, grocery store would be the best place. And they're pretty goshdurn cheap in the first place. How much can you charge for plastic bags anyway?
  4. UnknownFo UnknownFo

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    I was just woundering because I checked at my Ralph's by my house and the smallest bag that I could find there was the sandwhich bag, which is to big. But i'll check on checkng...
  5. Ceaver Ceaver

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    Are you selling, nickels and dimes? Yeah!!! Dude, go to a fishing store and ask them for bags, they use them to put hooks and weights in. But stop selling nicks and dimes man. People can't get high off a nick, why sell em?
  6. GiggleSmoke GiggleSmoke

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    most head shops sell dime baggies, ususally they have cool designs on them an stuff. if you don't have those then grocery stores have ziplock back and half sized snack bags. if you want small bags and don't have a head shop I guess you could try home-de-pot or maybe some kinda specialty packaging store they have those around too. Ceaver if you can't get high off a nick or a dime then your weed must really suck. no one sells nicks though.
  7. soupman soupman

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    I would have to agree on the head shop comment.....

    My local has all sizes and different colours and designs for really cheap, about 5c each (Australian) or 100 for $4 (a dollar off for buying in bulk).

    Failing that, what some of the cheaper dealers use around here is aluminium foil. You just put the correct amount in the foil and wrap it up. It seals it in pretty well.

    Hope that helped.....
  8. AnarchistBarbie AnarchistBarbie

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    Electronics shops often have a wide variety of smaller sizes of ziplock baggies of various sorts [like Radio Shack].
  9. orion8585 orion8585

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    I got like 500 clear 1.5" baggies on ebay for 6 bucks. Look on ebay, ive seen different colored ones and ones with designs and ****. Otherwise, go to a headshop or a jewelry place, they usually have little baggies.
  10. LordIcer LordIcer

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    I was just at the headshop yesterday and saw 100 baggies for $5...there were a bunch of different ones and they all had cool designs on them.
  11. caliskunk1 caliskunk1

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    Baggies are good for 1 thing- getting a poss. with intent to distro. charge against you. I would suggest getting a pocket size pack of tissues, and wrapping the bud in them. Never carry around alot of baggies when you have bud or carry bud in more that 2 different sacks at 1 time (one is the best bet).

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