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    I want to get a tattoo on my trip to Europe this summer. My last stop before returning state-side is Barcelona, Spain.

    I've decided I don't want to be traveling around Paris or Rome (the first two cities) with a healing tattoo...I'd rather get it done the day before or day of my flight.

    I have a very specific design in mind, and I know any skilled artisan would be able to do it--but I want the BEST. I want to know that I really worked hard to track down and nail down the best tattoo artist in Barcelona.

    Here is an idea of what I want:

    I like the UV reactive ink, but it's not really needed...It's a simple shape/design but I want to be placed in the hands of the best.

    Do any of you live in Europe or better yet Spain? Can you dig a little and find out the reputation of some good places in Barcelona?

    I'm so going to get a tat ... simply because I know i'll never be able to afford to get back over to europe again. This is the ultimate souvineer to me.

    Help me out 420! Dig deep in your networks! :cool::D
  2. DaDornta DaDornta

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    Also, if I could find a place in Rome that could do an invisible UV ink tat...I'd get the letters, "SPQR" on my, the Roman Legion's tattoo!
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    How have you been, Dornta? I hope you're having a great time in Europe, I have a friend who left for Germany the last week.

    But I've never been there and can't help you out here, man....

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