Best Trippy music haha

Discussion in 'Music' started by yeahyeaht420, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. yeahyeaht420 yeahyeaht420

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    These are my favorite songs pretty much haha

    DJ Satori the Nucleator-Meant to Bee, (any other music)
    Cosmic Gate-Exploration of space (most mixes of this song are good)
    Bob Marley- Waiting in Vain, Get up Stand up, One Love (too many more to list)
    Sublime-Badfish, 40oz to Freedom, Santeria
    Rush-2112(all), Cinderella man, La Villa Strangiato (too many more...)

    Music that i kinda like (honorable mention)

    Three six Mafia-Bin Laden
    Suicide Commando-Hellraiser
    Kid Cudi-Day n night, Dat New New
    DJ Valentino-Suck my dick
    Cyrpess Hill-Hits from the bong, inhale...
    Walter Ego-We're High

    These songs rock hardcore haha i love them tell me if you know them haha also look up some of the little known ones like SMF, DJ Satori, Ganjaguru tell me what you think :blazed: :rainbow::blazed:
  2. youareloveninja youareloveninja

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    i am going to check these out

    pogo is also very good, I think he mainly rearranges sounds from kids movies and does videos for them too but its trippy as anything in the right state of mind (as in the one thats ready to groove)

    kinda aphex twin-ish or something i guess

    search pogo white magic on youtube

    idk what else..

    boards of canada.. sagor and swing
  3. lttle_mdi lttle_mdi

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    anything by mac dre, or kottonmouth kings makes me triiiiiip.
  4. Csharp Csharp

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    and this:
  5. Nail I3unny Nail I3unny

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    This props on the cypress hill though.
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  6. Tally-Ho Tally-Ho

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    Scream thy last scream - Pink Floyd (w/ Syd Barrett).
    Syd Barrett was a weird one to say the least.
    I have heard that this song has caused death. Pretty much what i was told was:
    "Sometimes when people take acid and listen to this song, there heart gets stuck in the beat and they end up having a heart attack".
    My guess is its false. Fucking intense song though!
  7. Montanita Montanita

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    anything by Debussy
  8. calidank14 calidank14

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    Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
    Cypress Hill - Illusions

    Both are trippy ass songs.
  9. Ihavenoweedpuns Ihavenoweedpuns

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    Electric Wizard-Ivixor B / Phase Inducer

    I was high and laying in my bed in the dark and I had to change the song to Here Comes the Sun because I was so freaked out
  10. Meursault Meursault

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  11. atthedrivein atthedrivein

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    I don't know of any music tripper than Shpongle. And I've gone to some lengths to do so.

    I'm pretty sure that can't happen. Most of the shit like that that you hear about that particular drug is BS.
  12. jakspar0w jakspar0w

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    Butthole Surfers, haha.
  13. fry17dude fry17dude

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    dude any pink floyd song is trippy, but my personal favorites would have to be any incubus and audioslave, baba o'reilly is so trippy and john mayer just sounds awessome
  14. geriness geriness

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    incense and peppermints-strawberry alarm clock:
  15. gak hater gak hater

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    here are a few old pioneers that started it all to check out :cool:
    check out these disc's, lots of trippy stuff here :D

    pink floyd-pipers at the gates of dawn
    pink floyd -meddle
    yes-close to the edge
    king crimson-court of the crimson king
    jefferson airplane-white rabbit
    beatles- st pepper lonely hearts club band
    jimi hendrix-are you experianced
  16. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    Transdermal celebration by Ween
    and all of Nirvana's songs ( i've heard and love everyone )
  17. triad 1028 triad 1028

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    Are there any other Massive Attack fans on these forums?

    If you ever get a chance, I strongly recommend listening to their album Mezzanine. The music is downtempo electronica and has sort of a dark atmospheric feel to it.

    Honestly though, get real blazed and listen to that album. It beats anything else I've ever listened to while stoned. Nothing else in the world sounds just like it.
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  18. trichybud trichybud

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    Hell yeah I just found these guys through a college radio station near here (WNCW REPRESENT!! lol) but yeah i really like "Angel" but that whole cd is good.
  19. rsbattle rsbattle

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    mmmmm Truckin' Grateful dead, and i love how it tells a story

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