Best way to conserve weed and get high

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by ihavenoidea, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. ihavenoidea ihavenoidea

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  2. StonedImmaculate21 StonedImmaculate21

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    Excellent article! I'll be sure to try that one.

    The poppers that "gay guys huff" as you put it, refer to alkyl nitrates (usually amyl nitrate, but there are others.)
  3. Buzzby Buzzby

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    I can get high on less than 0.1 gram with my vaporizer, without inhaling tobacco smoke.
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  4. got_weed? got_weed?

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    i got high off of wat was left from a joint and it wasnt really alot but i got some really good hits and before it was finished i put it in a bowl and added some weed and smoked that and i got really high fast!
  5. Thedayoudied Thedayoudied

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    hey sry to bring back a really old post, but the link doesnt work anymore and im curious as to what this way to get really high is. if u still have it u should share it with us :)
  6. twoheadedboy twoheadedboy

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  7. sweet cheeba sweet cheeba

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    omg! samesies!
  8. ahender ahender

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    i think what hes talking about based off what buzzby and stoned said is using a "popper" its a one hitter made out of a soda bottle with a stem coming out with part of a cig used as a screen.
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  9. Thedayoudied Thedayoudied

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    interesting. i remember vaguely reading about one of these awhile ago (if its the same thing).
  10. TheGoldNugget TheGoldNugget

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    my way to get very high is all about the pipe, my artisanal pipe is made only with the half of a tube of a metal pen and a aluminum stem. because the stem is very small, you can have two hits with 0.1 of weed. you get high wit 1 hit ; smoke, w8 3 minute and ull feel the high :p. another hit and u know ur high! daaaaamn im hiigh
  11. steve69_er steve69_er

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    wow it takes me like a quater iz befor i get high and thats from a vap like i dont know how u guys can get high off a 5p let alone .1 like wtf???
  12. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Better weed, lower tolerance, better hardware, and/or better technique...
  13. Libraboarder Libraboarder

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    best way i've found to conserve weed is knife hits, or that's what they're called round these parts. ha. but yeah get two glass paddles (or knives, either works), heat them up either with a stove or a torch if you have it. pick up a small compressed nug (like 0.1g) with one of the paddles and lightly press the two paddles together while the person partaking gets the bell, or hoofer, or whatever you want to call it and suck through it like a funnel kinda. don't suck too fast or bye bye smoke
  14. fogglungs fogglungs

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    hey Thedayoudied i read your post and it inspired me to post a new thread in this forum its called how to get high with little week you should go read it i think it will really help if you dont have a vaporizer

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