Best Way to Smoke Keif w/out weed?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by JROD420, May 27, 2009.

  1. JROD420 JROD420

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    Ok, so I just ran out of weed but want to smoke still and all I have is the keif at the bottom of my grinder. I have a chillum and a pipe but don't want to just torch the keif in these and waste it so I was wondering if anyone knew of a good way to smoke the keif without the bed of weed in a bowl?
  2. MasterOfTheStone MasterOfTheStone

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    Maybe you could scrape your bowl if there is enough res and use that for the bed but im not sure since i've never done it
  3. benjammin21 benjammin21

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    try rollin a j if you cant scrape any res to use as a bed. or if you dont have enough for a j just put the keif in a rolling paper and wrap it up like a little sack. stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!
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  4. ctwalrus ctwalrus

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    knife hit
  5. ganja-man ganja-man

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    Whenever I smoke straight keif, I just sprinkle it over the ashes left in the bowl from last time I smoked, if you don't have any ashes I'd go with the knife hits.
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  6. rich420 rich420

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    Too bad you don't have a vaporizer cause that would be your solution right there. But I would recommend knife hits also. Try making some homemade hash out of it.
  7. k1ngTHC k1ngTHC

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    What i usually do is get my grinder and scrape out the keif with a sharp blade or sometimes even a quarter. Put like a hit or two in your pipe, i use just a regular triple blown pipe, and torch it but not too much cause it kills your throat but its totally worth it.
  8. dr8ggnbomb dr8ggnbomb

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    use a screen and put it in your pipe. thats how i do it.
  9. p0th3d p0th3d

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    i agree with Benjamin ^ wrap it up in a bit of Rizzla and stick that in your pipe and smoke it haha (first time i've used that term literally hahaa)...thats what i do when i only have keif left and it gets me blazed
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  10. JROD420 JROD420

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    hahahaha that is hilarious. yeah that sounds like a good idea though, I'm gonna try doing it that way and see how it works out


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