Black lips

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Vealiquince, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Vealiquince Vealiquince

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    I noticed lately that my lips seem to be getting dark marks on them and people are telling me that they are turning black. I heard from some people that it doesn't change the color of your lip and the opposite from others.

    Why does this happen? Its not like I get tar on my lip like that or burn it so I was wondering what about smoking weed turns your lips black?
  2. Doc Zee Doc Zee

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    That happened to me years ago, before I started smoking in fact so I doubt it's down to tha reefah ;)

    Do you use Vaseline or anything like that? It could be your lips getting dry, obviously smoking wouldn't help that.
  3. Dark Dark

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    Are you sure its not resin?
    After a long smoking session I used to get black marks along my lips too. I didn't know what it was until I noticed my friend having the same thing on his lips.

    Besides the tar or resin, there is nothing else from pot smoke that would turn your lips black.
  4. newpotmoker newpotmoker

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    Well if your smoking out of a homemade metal bow out of a spark plug or something like that it could be from the metal gettin hot and burning ur lips but idk dude.:rolleyes::shrugs:
  5. /love Marijuana /love Marijuana

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    When I first read this, the first thing I thought was resin.

    People get resin on their lips a lot from blunts and joints. Some pipes too.
  6. Amato d00d Amato d00d

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    Yeah my vote is for resin, or your lips turning black is not from weed at all. Talk to a doctor if you're concerned.
  7. Plaidheart Plaidheart

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    Sounds like a trip to the free clinic lol jk
  8. iLikeWeedAlot123 iLikeWeedAlot123

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    What are you smoking out of?
  9. Kushy Kushy

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    I've noticed black lips twice. The first time it happened was when I got really high and went to look in the mirror and freaked out cause I had no fucking idea why my lips were black :p

    I'm guessing it probably gets on your lips if you make an "o" shaped mouth when exhaling your smoke. Some of the tar and stuff from the smoke probably sticks to your lips.
  10. Mazzinator Mazzinator

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    thats a good trick to see if someone is high or not. you tell them that they have some res on their lips and if they go to wipe it away, they're prolly high, if they're like 'what?'...well yeah u get it.i used to do it to a guy i worked with.he would constantly deny that he smokes and id tell him every day he had res on his day i finally caught him haha
  11. femalesmoker femalesmoker

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    heard that in one of the Friday movies

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