Bleach & Milk?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by 54ADub, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. 54ADub 54ADub

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    O.K. I smoke about 2 j's of regs or @3 bowls of kind a day for 11 years
    now. In the last 10 months only have I curbed this with a week or two off here and there. I will be taking a urine test (dipstick) tomorrow afternoon. I got a feeling I'm screwed. But, I,ve heard from the folks at the rumor mill I can drink a pint of milk with a cap full of bleach and pass. Sounds to good to be true but, I think it may be my only hope seeing how I will only have 36 hours not smoking & I can't afford the stuff at my local headshop. Will this work?
  2. Hawg Hawg

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    Bleach :eek: No, NO, NO. Why in the wourld would you drink bleach it might just kill you. The bleach thing was to put a few drops in your urine but they can tell now. I would find a different milll to hang around.

    If you canr sub then your only option is to dillute. Gatorade not water and follow the guidelines.
  3. blazinjeeps blazinjeeps

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    Definately DO NOT DRINK BLEACH! There is a poison symbol on the container for a reason; even a small amount like a cap full would at the very least make you sick if not kill you.
  4. qwertymkonji qwertymkonji

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    One time my friend drank bleach to try and pass a test, and it gave him awful ****s and just generally made him feel like ****. I don't remember if he passed or failed..
  5. Buzzby Buzzby

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    There's no need to add bleach to milk. It's already white.
  6. qwertymkonji qwertymkonji

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    And so will their insides be if they decide to drink this dangerous chemical..

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