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Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by chstntnts1, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. chstntnts1 chstntnts1

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    So what are the advantages of a pipe then a traditional blunt?
  2. Joeyy Joeyy

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    Well:pipes dont waste weed, Blunts do........

    BUT: Blunts are fun for the hell of them
  3. The Blazemaster The Blazemaster

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    Well, unless you add it, there isnt any tobacco smoked in a pipe.

    Pipes, unless your clumsy, or if you want a collection, are pretty much a one time buy. With blunts on the other hand, you need to buy one every time you want to smoke one.

    With blunts, there is a risk it will not be rolled tight enough, and it will fall apart. Their is also the risk that it is rolled too tight, therefore causing you to bust a lung while trying to hit it. With pipes, there is no rolling involved.

    With pipes, you can put out, or snuff, the bowl after you take a hit, therefore conserving your precious chronic. With blunts, this is not so.

    I personally think that pipes are the way to go over blunts, but if someone offered to smoke a blunt with me, I definately wouldnt turn it down.:)
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  4. Tony4/20 Tony4/20

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    blunts last longer, i think, even with the same amount of bud in both the pipe and the blunt
    blunts dont need cleaning
    blunts dont need to be hid once their smoked (unless u have a collection of roaches like i do)
    blunts are flavored
    some people love to roll like myself
    as long as you have a plastic pillie tube, you dont have to worry about breaking the blunt like you do with pipes
    and the most obvious one: BLUNTS ARE WAY CHEAPER

    pipes dont require packing
    pipes give bigger hits most of the time
    pipes you cant lose bud like you could with rolling (weed falls from the sides of blunts)
    some people think rolling is a hasle and perfer pipes
    pipe look way better then blunts
    its fun to pick out your own pipe and name it

    overall i like blunts, its just the classic way
    but i would go for a pipe/bong hit anyday :)
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  5. Jake Jake

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    Pipes are for the solo-burn, blunts are for friends.
  6. Th3Preacher Th3Preacher

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    I was at a session recently we had 2 bowls and a joint going around 5 people it got damn confusing different people had 2nd hit ,3rd hit , so on for each thing especially since we only had one lighter :).
  7. gfish15 gfish15

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    personally i prefer a piece over a blunt/joint because rolling is a hastle to most people personally i think you waste more weed smoking out of a joint/blunt and the pipe is a better hit to me and i think it is fun to get some people together get 3 peices or so for about 5 people have some one roll a blunt and just pass em around i enjoy smoking both but i would prefer a piece
  8. chronicwiseman chronicwiseman

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    So true. Sometimes I just love to roll a blunt and smoke one. But usually it's pipes when I'm alone.
  9. Fryguy22 Fryguy22

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    I think it depends on a variety of different factors. I love to smoke a bowl when i'm by myself or with a friend but when it gets crowded a blunt makes more sense. I also like the fucked up factor that a blunt gives you over a bowl. There is nothing like a nicely rolled blunt... not too tight where you have to bust a lung, not too loose where it burns fast. To all of you who don't like blunts, find a friend who can roll one or practice yourself because the roll makes all the difference and I can get it perfect all the time now.
  10. Noobtastic Noobtastic

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    I don't like to use smoking methods that burn constantly because they rush me. I like to lay back and take my time to enjoy the effects, when I'm smoking alone it might take me me an hour to cash my bowl. Also the whole rolling thing with joints and blunts just annoys me.
  11. Propisition215 Propisition215

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    The people who bitch about rolling bieng a hassle suck at it and/or they are lazy.

    Stop bieng lazy pl0x.

    Blunts give you less THC, but the wrap counters it. I don't smoke cigarettes(nasty shit), but blunts make it so I can't taste it so much, and I still get light headed(via wrap)+high(via weed).

    Blunts hit harder, Shotguns are fun, Hitting three, four, or more blunts in a small rotation is great; and did I mention They are so damn fun!+ Anyone a fan of playing with your smoke? I do jelly-fish kill hits, and they don't work out as well with the thin pipe smoke. Is a sad story.

    I think the moral of this story is: If you don't like blunts, you don't have enough bud, you are lazy, don't smoke brown shit(minus hash), or suck (n00b).

    I really needed to say that. I am not really even a video gamer and when I read people saying some stupid ass excuse for blunts bieng inferior, I think, "N00b!!!!! OMgZ0R5!!?!???!!!!"

    What is up with people rolling too tight or lose? WTF is that?! Roll more, and you get better. Just like how new smokers make some stupid mistakes sometimes, you can correct it.
  12. MyBodyHurts MyBodyHurts

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    I like to smoke both; but each of them have their own situations imo.

    there's nothing like sitting outside, staring at the trees and just enjoying the beauty of everything around you (it doesn't matter where, its just as much fun on a porch as it is in the forest) while smoking a blunt. It's just so relaxing, and the weed makes everything look better, it makes the breeze feel better... it's awesome. with a blunt you can just relax and take it all in, let the blunt burn and waste a little bit; you can take hits as you please without having to re-light.

    then again-

    you get a great feeling of pride whenever you pull out your piece. it isn't flavored like a blunt so you get the taste of the herb and the nice, fat tokes that only glass can give you. i think that's why most people smoke their best bud out of a piece.

    either way you're good.

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    Blunts are a nice social thing for 3 or more people I would say, a bowl is good for a group of 4 or less depending on the head size. Bowl will taste better and not waste any chronic, blunts do not break but a glass pipe can, blunts dont leave any evidance behind - you're not going to get rid of you're bowl after you smoke. I like a nice glass bowl
  14. KG1990 KG1990

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    i like joints more than anything, then pipes, then blunts. dont really know why.
  15. thoughtsWHILEblazin thoughtsWHILEblazin

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    I like smoking blunts...All day every day its the way I prefer to roll.... Matter of fact, whats up with todays youth? So many people don't know how to roll a blunt OR a joint! Step your game up people!
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  16. Bhikku Bhikku

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    I prefer a bowl and so does every stoner I know here. Blunts are considered a waste of weed, and slightly trashy.

    Personally, though, I don't like to smoke blunts because they get me WAY too high, too fast. Unenjoyably so.
  17. Herbania Herbania

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    Bong or vape hits FTW
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  18. pretendo pretendo

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    . pipe smoke aint thin my boy, cancer paper is bad/ pipe is pure weed dog, and you can hit a pipe just as hard possibly harder than a blunt, and bong hits are the funnest way of getting high, and i agree with you playing with thick weed smoke is fun

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    I prefer a bowl cleaner tastier hit, no cancer paper, With a bowl I can pack as little as I want or pack as many as I want, I can smoke it at my pace without the waste, I do enjoy a blunt if smoking with 3-4 people but no reason a bowl does not work for this and you can go 1 for 1 which I must say is another plus, the only plus I can really say a blunt has is there is a certain social aspect to them but I think a bowl takes it in every other category, oh yea and if you only got a few buds left in your bag you can push that with a bowl when a blunt will kill you're bag - thats a biggy.
  20. Joeyy Joeyy

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    Actually...I think a good or bad blunt depends more so on the roller or the blunt paper. I bet a fair portion of the people that don't like blunts is because of those reasons.

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