Bongs Vs. Hookahs

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by Abbazabba1212, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Abbazabba1212 Abbazabba1212

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    which do you prefer? I like Hookahs, because they cool the smoke more, and I feel like a badass smoking them, but sometimes they cool the smoke too much and I hit too hard. (I have a mild kind of asthma, so hard-ass hits are no nos).
  2. steakii steakii

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    I prefer bongs. Hookahs are too much work (switching out the piece on top so weed can be smoked, then using to lighers so it hits well) and to me dont hit weed quite as hard.
  3. Abbazabba1212 Abbazabba1212

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    I always used to think that it wasted weed, until i bought a sick one from a headshop on the fax. It's friggin amazing. The reason you maythink that it don't hit that hard is because of how much it cools the smoke.
  4. sweetleaf sweetleaf

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    Hookas suck just say it. everyone would rather rip a bong.
  5. Dank Perception Dank Perception

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    I prefer bongs. That's only because the only preparations I like to make are taking the bag out, smell weed, glimpse for one last time, and smoke the living hell out of it. My 4 foot zong can out-due any hookah, any day.
  6. turtle blue turtle blue

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    As a jew and a guy who spent a summer learning the art of hookah i can tell you that nothing can replace a well set up hookah in terms of hits and atmosphere. a good trick is to get a split bowl load a shisha ganja mix into one and just shisha into another so you can smoke shisha and when you want to take a hit it's right there.
  7. Jake Jake

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    I think I've have to go with a hoohad. That is, one that is more build for smoking weed than tobacco. I don't much like those bigger hookahs with the HUUGE bowlpacks with many huge holes on the bottom. I like hookahs if they have a slider piece, with one small hole...makes it perfect for smoking weed out of it.

    Oh man the bowlpack was pretty small, but it was sooooo deep. (Hookah I had)

    There is nothing better than putting like .7 of KB in the bowlpack, putting a blunt of middies in one of the ends, and just going solor for a second...And when you're with friends, we'd always play chicken and take the hugest hits ever...

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