brass is ok right?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by gabriel420, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. gabriel420 gabriel420

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    I made a bowl out of some brass fittings from my garage. Brass is straight to smoke out of though right?
  2. Hookahs Hookahs

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    yup- you're cool. we make pipes out of fittings in a pinch all-the time :cool:
  3. dreamer dreamer

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    personally i would say no.
    want to know why?
    do you know what brass is?
    brass is a mixture of COPPER and zinc.
    im a little out of it but im pretty positive copper is no good to smoke from
  4. Higher Logic Higher Logic

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  5. dreamer dreamer

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    yea see both ZINC and COPPER are toxic to smoke from, zinc+copper=brass, so brass is not good to smoke from;)
  6. steakii steakii

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    I know this topic is like a week old, but i have a question related to this. Would using something like a trumpet mouth piece be safe to smoke out of. I'm not sure exactly what they are made of, but i have always though that they were safe, until reading some stuff on this site. Anyone know if it would cause any type of harm?
  7. Higher Logic Higher Logic

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    Brass should actually be fine to smoke from. Zinc has a melting point of ~1650º F, and your lighter is not going to get anywhere near that heat. Not to mention, they still make some candles with zinc- or tin-core wicks, which are safe and non-toxic.
  8. homemadebubbler homemadebubbler

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    ^Well the zinc half may be safe, but what about the copper in brass?
  9. nornerator nornerator

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    I wouldnt advise anyone to smoke out of anything metallic.

    If you can't afford a glass pipe, you shouldn't be smoking marijuana.

    You can get them for less than $20 for a real basic one.
  10. SublimeStylee. SublimeStylee.

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    im almost positive that,when 2 alloys bond like that they create a totally new metal, so just because it does technically have copper in it, the melting point of brass is much higher because of the bonding with zinc, so unless ur smoking inside of a kiln or something brass is the safest metal to smoke out of
  11. Frojoe Frojoe

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    You don't have to melt a metal for it to be toxic, it could release umes at a much lower temp then where it melts.
  12. imported_clarson0420 imported_clarson0420

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    It may freak out some people to think that aluminum (melting point 1220°F) can be alloyed with other metals (such as zinc, melting point 785°F) at temperatures far below it's melting point. Just remember that the aluminum is not melting, it's dissolving. Same applies to the vapors. Just because its not melting, doesnt mean microscopic pieces of stuff arent breaking off and going into your lungs....that being said...

    (Lights bong that has a foil bowl)
  13. Juggular Juggular

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    Affording something isn't always the problem its more of an aquiring thing that can be tough
  14. Sir Jman Sir Jman

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    brass is not toxic and is certainly safe to smoke from.
  15. -e4 -e4

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    Brass can't be that bad, cant you get brass screens?
  16. Generic Name Generic Name

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    I personally don't know but since there is a bit of dispute among whether it is safe or not, I would advise against it. When the consensus don't comply, uh, you shouldn't try. Sorry, but it was the best 'Johnny Cochran' sounding phrase I could think of. Horrible, I know.
  17. MeatRo MeatRo

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    If it's a temp thing, it's not going to kill you. I'm sure everyone's seen many copper pipes.. And I, for one, have never seen anyone hit a copper pipe, keel over and die. Like I said tho, temporary. I definitely wouldn't use a metal pipe regularly, not only is it (after a long period of use) toxic, but it also makes your bud taste like friggin crap.

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