Brown weed, is it actually weed?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by RaidPikachu, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. RaidPikachu RaidPikachu

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    Okay, so I got some brown weed from a friend that usually gives me great stuff. After I got it, I asked him about it and if its actually weed, because it smelled kind of like sweet oatmeal and the whole thing felt like it was coated with something sticky. The whole thing feels sticky, which made me kind of suspicious. Also, when I smoke it out of a bong, the smoke feels harsher than anything else I smoked before. So ultimately my question is, is it actually weed? Or did I get ripped off and am I smoking brown grass with like honey slathered on it. Thanks a lot.
  2. l No l FeaR l l No l FeaR l

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    Won't really know without a good picture but brown is bad anyways so even if it was weed, brown is NO GO.
  3. Buzzby Buzzby

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    If you're getting high, it's not grass and honey.
  4. zappy zappy

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    I've come across weed which is pretty damn brown before, so I wouldn't be too worried. Stick it under a microscope or magnifying glass if your really concerned. Under microscope you should be able to see trichomes if it is indeed weed. Or post a pic. I'm sure someone will be able to tell you if it's weed or not.
  5. LoAnnaLove LoAnnaLove

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    im rather paranoid when i buy .5 or a cheap amount, under 10 bucks, that im gunna get ripped off with vaporized weed. but after asking a bit turns out no one in my area/group is familiar with vaporizing or even what vaporized weed looks like. like buzzby said, if your high, well it must be weed.

    buzzby seems to be one of the very smart information guys on this site, so listen to him. aha, fuck im high....
  6. High High

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    Most likely weed that has already been put through a vaporizer.
    Give us a picture so we can actually tell if it is weed or isnt.
  7. RaidPikachu RaidPikachu

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    Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, I have tried smoking this and it was pretty bad quality, but I'm not sure if I was high or if it was just that part of me really hoping it would get me high. Honestly I can't tell due to my tolerance being so high. It looks like dirt schwag but is it weed? Thanks for those who replied
  8. Love4TheNugg Love4TheNugg

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    I've smoked some weed that was brown as hell, and more often than not, it sucked. BUT there have been a few occasions where it was actually pretty good.

    Can't ever go buy the look of weed, the look gives you a good idea, but you never know until you actually smoke it.
  9. mooish87 mooish87

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    Dude, the thing in your picture looks like an oatmeal breakfast bar or something. In 13 years I've never seen weed that looked like that. I'd say you got ripped off.
  10. BlazedBabe_42o BlazedBabe_42o

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    Welll Pikachu [My Favorite Pokemon xD]Ivee actually Had brown weed, Before. I was stoned off my ass from it. It had a name >.< I ferget it though
  11. Nepo Nepo

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    You'll still get high from vaped weed though.
  12. Frankenberry Frankenberry

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    If it was vaped weed, you would def. be able to tell the difference in the taste of the smoke. Smoking vaped weed is a bad idea, even if you're too lazy to make it into edibles and are desperate. That's how bad it tastes.
  13. LoAnnaLove LoAnnaLove

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    k for what nepo said:

    if the weed is vaporized, then it should not get you high from smoking a normal amount. if it is vaped, and gets you high again, then it must have not been busted up properly and vaporized fully.

    properly vaporized weed does not really count as getting you high. all the thc is gone, therefore nothing but a few specks of thc will be obsorbed. i do not physically know, but my guess is .5 of vaped weed is the same as smoking a tiny single leaf.
  14. j_wheezy j_wheezy

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    In my experience, the darker the weed, the cheaper it is. Is it straight BROWN or a brownish green? Some dark weed is really good. Had some Kansas Fire shit that was a-maze-ing.
  15. LoAnnaLove LoAnnaLove

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    i really dont understand much of other areas buying info and crap. .5 of any bud in my area is gunna be 5 bucks, a gram of any type will always be ten bucks. a nick of any kind will be the same price the dealers asks for every single batch.

    but you say the darker the cheaper, cheaper being shitier im commonsensingly taking, which is funny. In my area the lighter greener the weed is the crappiest. Usually the weed thats pine tree, dark green, darker than grass is the best. never come across a true brown weed. but do have a consistant amount of orange kush, real good legit stuff(still same price as any other strain/potency).
  16. OGKush OGKush

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    Just a question...

    Why the hell would you buy brown weed in the first place? I mean was it just one of those things where you just didnt wanna be a pain to the dealer? Cuz thats some dumb shit to waste money over man. You should go and get your money back. Sometimes brown weed could be vaped and may get you high, but it sounds like you didnt even get anything out of it really. Even if you got a little high, thats still some bullcrap, especially if you paid the regular dank street price for it. And if that IS the case, my advice is to get your damn money back.
  17. Munch21 Munch21

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    If it doesn't look right i wouldn't smoke it. End of story
  18. Blunts 4 Me Blunts 4 Me

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    I bought some brown weed while I was at Myrtle Beach a couple weeks ago. I remember breaking it out, smelling it, and looking at it, thinking it was the shittiest shit I had ever seen in my life. My friend was there, and he had the same opinion. But once I rolled it and smoked it, half a blunt of it got me high as hell.

    I did put some spice in there, though, but not enough to make a difference, so I'm pretty sure it was good.

    Since then, I haven't paid much attention to looks.
  19. RaidPikachu RaidPikachu

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    Thanks everyone for your help. I brought it to the guy I bought and he fessed up LOL. well, I know who I'm NOT going to buy from anymore. Thanks guys =D

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