BS anti-drug commercial MUST READ.

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by bloodshoteyez, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. bloodshoteyez bloodshoteyez

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    omg, i just saw the lamest anti-drug commercial. it shows these two kids in a room. one kid is sitting in a chair and the other kid across from him in their parents office or something. the one kid is holding a bong with smoke all over the place. they are saying stupid stuff to one another. then is shows the one kid pick up a gun from the drawer. the one says cool gun, is it loaded, and the other kid goes, no as its pointing at his friend, then BAAAAMMM, then the screen goes black and says, MARIJUANA can distort your reality or some bull****. WTF... this commercial is complete bull****. anyone else seen this? they just keep getting worse and worse. first they say we kill families and **** now this!!?!? wtf. anyone else seen this b.s.?
  2. thegoat thegoat

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    ReFeR MaaaDDneSS ahh it will make you go CrAzY! what a bunch of crap and the saddest uggliest part of all is people are gunna buy this bull****...

    so the government is saying repremand and discipline your children to not use illegal drugs say they don't get a hold of your UNLOCKED!#$!@$!@# and LOADED!#@$!#@$!# PISTOL AND SHOOT THEMSELVES... anything wrong with that picture??#!$!#@ i would think the parent should be in a lot more trouble for even having a gun loaded in the house with children in it without even some lock... i know what those kids were smoking...but what ever the parent who owned that gun was on had to be much worse than pot... i don't even think a single one of those kids finding gun cases ever involved pot... i culd be wrong though eitherway to make it seem as if it's the pots fault they went and found a gun...
  3. k0mPrEsS0r k0mPrEsS0r

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    Yeh I saw that b.s commercial...hehe my friend was high when he saw it he asked me if i was going to shoot him and he got all emotional and **** it was so funny...Then I told him about it and he said omg i'm Yeh, but it keeps getting worse and worse for the bull**** they show on tv these days..I mean if it was that bad then why do they give it to the cancer patients and **** if it's that bad?!?!?!?!?!?....I want well peace out. :wave:
  4. Stoned Penguin Stoned Penguin

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    That is pretty funny :)
    Anyone that actually believes that commercial, has done lost their mind :p
  5. GiggleSmoke GiggleSmoke

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    omg, thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard. ok, think about this.

    Replace that bong those kids had with a bottle of vodka. now imagine these kids are pissed drunk, unable to reason, puking all over the place and falling down and breaking stuff. Then they find a gun. I think the chances of those kids shooting each other would be a hell of a lot higher then it would if they were just smoking weed.

    If things did happened like in that commercial, then that would just be a total freak accident.

    If I was high and found a gun, I would sure as hell be paranoid that there might be a chance that its loaded.
  6. Conine Conine

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    Exactly my thoughts, I thought gee, how is this any different than some drunken fools? What next, 2 guys drinking Budweisers watching the football game decide to pick up a gun?

    Commercials made by idiots, for idiots.
  7. GreenThumb GreenThumb

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    that is a damn horrible attack on people. if they are going to spend sh!tloads of money on trying to war on drugs, youd think they do some reasearch. if i were high and found a gun i would even touch it, let alone pick it up. we have shotguns in our house and we get high all the time. and the last thing i think about doin when im stoned is picking up the gun. and futhermore they are not loaded nor are they anywhere near the shells nor are any of the people i smoke with 1/10th that stupid and sh!t. they should spend that money fighting terrorists, or giving it to me so i can get a bag
  8. ThaNarc ThaNarc

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    I think this commercial should be more about gun control then pot smoking. Because more kids die from handguns then pot. Now I own a gun, but I was tought to fear and respect guns. So I know how to tell weather a gun is loaded and if its on safety.
    This commercial is just another attempt by the gov. to cast blame on m.j. where its really not belong.

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    That's damned sickening! I had to read that twice! How can they brand us like that?! Man, I just can't understand it at all. People will buy this crap too. Isn't there anything to be done? Guess we have to just live with this bull****. Goddamn.
  10. Captain Honkey Captain Honkey

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    90% of the time when I'm killing people in my cellar, I'm completely sober.

    Think about that.
  11. TheCleric TheCleric

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    Thread Moved - Movies and Television.

    Well theres a solution. Follow in my foot steps, kill your tv.

    I find the only way to combat all the crap on tv i dont like is to not watch it.

  12. poolman950 poolman950

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    hahaha :p
  13. JPJ_Glassware JPJ_Glassware

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    Naw, I'd have to disagree with the vodka example, even though alcohol is the only drug proven to make people violent. Alcohol is legal because it's safe. Why is it safe? Because it's legal. That and the fact that alcohol has an serving size, and marijuana doesn't, which means it can be used safely and pot can't. Oh, and the world is flat, the sun is a giant lightbulb, and the moon is made out of styrofoam...

    Remember people, when it comes to marijuana, there's no need to deal with the facts...
  14. Arsenal Arsenal

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    Who are you that is so wise in the ways of the Universe?
  15. imported_LordIcer imported_LordIcer

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    This is a joke right :confused:
  16. ncj ncj

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    dude what the **** are you talkin about? alcohol isn't safe for ****. look how many people it kills, and how many innocent people it gets killed. alcohol is only legal because politicians in the twenties were smarter than politicians today and said prohibition doesn't work at all. just because they made alcohol legal doesn't mean its safe, it means that was the most popular drug at the time and it's prohibition caused more problems than it fixed. back then people didnt really smoke weed so it being legal wasnt looked at as a problem. when alcohol became legal again in the 30's, racist politicians looked for something else to make illegal and chose marijuana. they saw blacks used it alot and they took it away from them so they can have a reason to arrest and beat them. your also implying that since marijuana is illegal it has to be bad for people and its not legal for a reason. the racism by rich white politicians who hated hippies and anyone who smoked marijuana continued well into the 1960's. what the **** are you doing posting a message on a site full of peolple who support the legalization of marijuana?the pot issue was re-looked at and there were lots of studies, amsterdam legalized, and some presidents supported the legalization of pot like jimmy carter. unfortunately we're still fighting for the legalization of pot today and canada is nearing decriminilazation. what i mean by this rant is that marijuana is much safer than alcohol, and marijuana should be legal and alcohol should be illegal. just because one is legal and the other isn't doesnt mean its safer or easier to get a serving size. and why do you mention serving size? look how many people die of alcohol poisoning a year and 0 die from marijuana because its impossible to overdose. you can smoke pounds and pounds of weed and you will throw up or cough up a lung before overdosing.

    oh and i just saw that commercial like 10 minutes ago and it ruined a great high i had. the ignorant post by this guy didnt help my high much either. :(
  17. Wiseman Wiseman

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    ncj: JPJ_Glassware was using sarcasm :)
  18. ncj ncj

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    he was? wow i feel dumb. :burnup: i think i smoked too much today because i was high and i saw that commercial and i quickly came to see if their was a thread about it. i searched and found this post which i dont realize is sarcasm because im so blasted. damn i got pissed and i just realized how much i had typed. :eek: sorry if you get offended, just look at it from my point of view. if it wasnt sarcasm im sure most of you would have made a post sortove like mine.
  19. Herb Ninja Herb Ninja

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    Marijuana doesn't kill people, politicians create wars on drug users that kill people. The war on drugs, war on ourselves. What a stupid comercial.
  20. imported_InNeedOfWeed420 imported_InNeedOfWeed420

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    I got really pissed when i saw that commercial, but then when i thought about it i just laughed. The kid who got shot was the one holding the bong, and every shot the cloud of smoke gets bigger and bigger, but its on that half of the room.....he never actually passes the bong. So the kid at the desk doesnt even smoke. Makes sense, most people wouldnt go near a gun stoned. So yeah, the sober kid picks up the gun, the stoned kid gets paranoid and asks if its loaded......

    The government has once again succeeded in making an ass out of itself.


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