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Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by noobsaibot, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. noobsaibot noobsaibot

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    for the past few days or so, i've generally smoked at night so i can get to sleep fast and easy(i have problems with sleeping and weed helps me for now), so i never really experience a high when i up and want to be interactive. so i smoked like 2 in the morning a few days ago, and went to sleep shortly after that. i woke up feeling normal, and then around 4 pm that day, i burped, smelled/tasted weed in my body, and then felt high for like 5 minutes. did that ever happen to anybody else?
  2. RespyShunt RespyShunt

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    you probably accidentally swallowed a hit.
  3. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    yeah i think they call it a ghost hit where you keep a hit in and it just comes out later at a random time.
  4. KushBandit KushBandit

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    I've swallowed hits before. Watch out, as it can cause you to throw up.(puke)
  5. Kushy Kushy

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    When you take a hit you should only be breathing in. But what happens sometimes is people are so awkward about hits that they think they have to make gasping sounds and inhale violently or whatever. You may accidentally swallow part of your hit, so that smoke is going into your stomach instead of your lungs. At another point, the smoke bubble will re-emerge (you burping out smoke).
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  6. Echo-eepy Echo-eepy

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    what Kushy said sounds more like it, im dont think it was a ghost rip
  7. rich420 rich420

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    Not when I burp, but sometimes I'll cough, and cough and feel that slime with a weed resin taste in it, and it will give me a fat head change all of the sudden then die down seconds later. It's weird, and I've just always wondered why this is.
  8. willowmp willowmp

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    Ghosting is when you inhale a hit into your lungs and keep it in until the smoke is completely absorbed into your lungs, making the exhale invisible or very light.

    Swallowing weed smoke will make you burp up smoke later.
  9. Kushy Kushy

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    PS: Ghosting smoke hits is awful for you. NOBODY DO IT.

    Ghosting vapor is OK though.
  10. Csharp Csharp

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    when i have swallowed hits before,i actually burp up smoke.he said he just tasted it and felt high.
  11. GnarlySalamander GnarlySalamander

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    Yes but if he went to sleep wouldn't the smoke be absorbed to some degree by the time he woke up again?

    Even when you have smoke - say, under a glass on a table - eventually it "disappears".
  12. kings kings

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    yeah, when i take really big hits i will cough a lot, and then after i'm done coughing i'll burp and blow out smoke.

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