Buying a home used as a Grow House

Discussion in 'The Drug War Headline News' started by rick, May 5, 2004.

  1. rick rick

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    Can THC Spores effect the price of property?
    E-Mail from an anonymous visitor

    I am currently pursuing the purchase of a new home and have been informed that it was previously used as a pot growing operation.

    They caution me about the purchase as they are concerned about THC spores in the house. They are unable to give me any documentation on the effects of living in a home previously used for this purpose and I can't find any info online regarding this subject. They say they can't "give away" a growing house.

    Do you have any information you can share with me regarding any health issues I should be concerned about. They're really making a big deal about it so I'm assuming it IS a big deal. They just can't prove that it's a big deal.

    Thanks for any info or websites you can suggest.

    Anonymous Visitor
  2. CheebaMonkey CheebaMonkey

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    There's no such thing as a "THC spore."

    Perhaps you're thinking of mold in general?
  3. rick rick

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    what about the potential health hazzards assosiciated with moving into a home once used for a grow up?

    I can see Mold in general being one concern as humidity and water are ingredients to producing quality Marijuana.

    Would there even be any negative aspects to moving into a house once used to grow Marijuana?
  4. teufelfisch teufelfisch

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    I can't imagine there would be any negative aspects. After all, growing weed (apart from the high powered lights) isn't much different han growing any other houseplant.

    As for mold, it's everywhere anyway, but if one cleaned the house sufficiently any mold left hanging around would probably go away rather quickly, I would think.

    Sounds related to buying a house with a greenhouse. I wonder if greenhouses contribute significantly to mold.
  5. xxdr_zombiexx xxdr_zombiexx

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    Do they mean that "Grow-Op Stop" stuff that is supposedly sprinkeld down chimneys to turn the evil BC Bud into useless schwag?
  6. Cassius Cassius

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    If they can't "give it away", send them my way! I'll give them a dollar for it, they should be ecstatic! Maybe after I move in those spores will develop into more fully grown plants for me. /snicker

    I can't think of a single reason that prior use of a house for growing weed would have any affect on the present. Mold is possible I suppose, but lots of houses have mold that weren't grow houses, and there are ways to deal with it -- if it isn't severe, a few sprayings of bleach will take care of it completely. But I really don't think a grow up would increase the risks of mold all that much, unless it was built by someone that didn't know what they were doing and let water leak all over the place or something.

    Most people that I know that grow their own weed are METICULOUS about their grow ops. They live, breathe, dream (and of course smoke) their operation. I would jump on the opportunity to buy a grow house, knowing that I could probably get it for way less than it's worth.
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  7. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    If I were them, I would inspect for mold or water damage and if negative, buy it.

    Those are the only two things that spring to mind.

    "THC spores". :laugh:
  8. JTP JTP

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    It does sound like a nice bargaining point.

    "You mean they grew Marijuana here?"... "I don't approve of drug use, what do you think?"... "How much did you say this was listed for?"... "I don't want to live in a crack house"... "Meybe if the price was right"...
  9. OccultPizza OccultPizza

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    GAH! Thought I'd seen it all?!?!?!

    OMFG has sanity lost all rationality and imbeciles rule our earth? Oh wait if I can't answer myself in 0.5 seconds I would be an imbecile too ~laughs~.

    There has been some new laws passed at the federal level constituted because of Meth addicts. Lawsuits started popping out of the wood work when someone got sick in a house and then they found out it could be the volatile chemicals in the meth(use to work on a meth lab for 4yrs.). This too is probably total bull**** as I have seen people endure several hours at a time for years at a time with no physically or mentally percievable affects (aside from normal sleep deprivated behavior associated with speed). It is just another frivolous lawsuit based on the crazed media's disillusional rhetoeric and fear they love to create in the name of "knowledge" ~chuckles~. People need to buy stuff to feel safe ~chuckles~.

    My brothers and sisters. We are too see very strange things happen to our world as we know it in the next 7.5yrs. Strap yourselves in yo! ~grins~
  10. Niteshift Niteshift

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    THC spores? That's a new one on me.

    Sounds more to me like someone whose brother-in-law owns a mold removal business and will give you a "special rate".

    Personally, about the only thing I'd be worried about is some of the half-azzed amateur electric work rigged up that I've seen in some houses. Of course that's not limited to just grow houses either.
  11. budmaster0420 budmaster0420

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    This is so funny

    This is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. THC spores :laugh: . Last time I checked Marijuana is a plant not a mushroom. They can't give you documentation because there is no such thing as THC spores. Sounds like they are either really uneducated or trying to pull one over on ya.
  12. we will see we will see

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    I have heard that Grow op houses aren't the best, especially the larger ones with nothing but hydro. The humidity mixed with the nutes gets into the anything porous and causes rot and mold mildew that can't even be seen under wallpaper and behind paneling and not mention the pesticide uset hat was possibly used, make sure you check the electrical too,the wiring maybe messed for the grow in some cases way overloaded and on the verge of burnt or corroded from long term exposure to humidity. I'm not saying the place is ruined but that you should be carefull and not treat these possibilities lightly,get someone who knows about it and knows what tests should be made.
  13. OccultPizza OccultPizza

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    Yeah only fungus has spores ~chuckles~ I think they mean crystaly resins. I think it is written by the few people who have never actually lit one up, so their stupidity is compounded only through their ignorrance.
  14. king cola king cola

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    Like what someone else posted, i would be more concerned about the wiring, over loaded circuits, etc. I would get the wiring checked out by an electrician before moving in just to make sure everything is fine and not a fire hazard. Everything could be fine but you never know unless you have someone else check up on it to make sure everythings good.

    You realize if there was such thing as THC spores, every grow house in Canada that has been busted would have to be torn down! They tell you this and they have no documentation haha. Theres people that work in greenhouses all hrs of the day, do they have any health problems? People smoke this stuff but people don't get high from the smell, i don't see how THC could cause a problem. It's only an opinion but it sounds like bullsh*t to me.
  15. Bellatrix Bellatrix

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    Another Scary "Buzzword"

    A "THC spore"?

    Is that kinda like an "antrax spore"? Or a "fungal spore"?

    Okay, big fat lie. If this was true, half of the apartments in Vancouver would be vacant. I would say that about one in ten homes in Vancouver has either a few plants for private use or a full-on grow op (that has a lot to do with plain old economics). Instead, it's some of the most popular and expensive real estate on the entire planet.

    Holy crap, Niteshift, this is exactly what I was thinking - could it be that you and I agree on something? ^_- (This is not an attack, okay? I really was thinking this and I'm just teasing you).
  16. Logos Logos

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    heh, spores can be a real issue in a house. Black mold is almost impossible to get rid of,a nd it is a serious health hazzard.

    Be certain that you know what kind of spores they are talking about, because marijuana is not a fungus, and as far as I know only a fungus has spores. If there are spores be certain you know what kind of spores, because there is no such thing as a marijuana spore. Pollen maybe, but not spores. If they were knowledgable growers, there shouldn't even be any pollen... ;)

    Pay for a spore test, and if it comes back negative, buy buy buy... ;) Just don't have the seller do it.

  17. Niteshift Niteshift

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    Holy crap, Niteshift, this is exactly what I was thinking - could it be that you and I agree on something?

    *Getting out my red pen to mark that rare event* :D
  18. Pufnstuf Pufnstuf

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    I am in complete awe

    of the stupidity of any real estate agent who would bring up something so mythical as a "Marijuana Spore". Obviously this person never took a biology class in grade school or junior high.

    There is absolutely no danger whatsoever regarding marijuana spores as there is no such animal. As for the mold issues, this could be a possibility but again highly unlikely as the grow area would have to be established for some time with copious amounts of water and humidity to produce any dangerous mold. Fungal mold on plants is generally dangerous only to the plant. If this were the case, the person growing would have had sh*tty weed and would have probably given up growing on the first try. As growers we should all know that we want the humidity at a comfortable level (about what any room in any house would be) and we need plenty of ventilation. Modest levels of humidity and ventilation are not conducive to mold growth.

    If I was you and this Marijuana Spore "story" is true, I would walk up to that real estate agent and say two words, "You're Fired!"
  19. BugBear BugBear

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    Ha Ha!

    if there are people out there who won't buy a house that was used to grow pot, i know they will want to give away all there cash seeing that the majority of 20-50 and 100dollar bills have trace amounts of cocaine on them. if need i will send them my address!
  20. Bodhi1976 Bodhi1976

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    It would depend on how much the previous occupants screwed around with the wiring and plumbing, and how well they controlled moisture.

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