Buying a pipe online?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by misguidedyouth, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. misguidedyouth misguidedyouth

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    What would you recommend in regards to legality when I'm buying a pipe online, and being underage? Would it be easier to try a local shop that sells this sort of stuff? (I don't think it's orientated enough towards smoking to be called a head shop) I'm thinking of buying one on a site in the country, so it at least isn't being screened by authorities.

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    Your local headshop is likely paranoid and for good reason

    Small online orders should make ith through no problem once you hit a 16 inch or better bong thats when your packages start not gettting to you I know from expieriance
  3. South Jersey Bum South Jersey Bum

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    Well I have never bought a pipe online so I dont know how they deal with age. My friends have bought shit off the internet without any problem. In my opinion I would buy one from a headshop I enjoy looking at a ton of peices at once and being able to get it the second you buy it.
  4. OrangeJuiceandKush OrangeJuiceandKush

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    Theres like 4,000,000 threads like this already but here is a summary of all of them for you.

    Step 1
    Step 2
    Pick your piece
    Step 3
    Get a debit/credit card and make an account (They don't give a shit about your age just say your 18 at the account creation)
    Step 4
    Wait 2 to 6 weeks for package, it will be in a plain brown or white box and don't require a signature
    Step 5
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  5. FirstimeNoob FirstimeNoob

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    ^ Answered all my questions. Thank you soooooo much haha.
  6. brooks brooks

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    i just bought a pipe from they have different artists that make the bowls and i emailed the artist of the bowl directly and told him to ship it discreetly and all it said was glass art on the label, my mom got the package and handed it to me :d
  7. Drew420 Drew420

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    Nice work, Brooks.

    For anyone new reading for some help with this, I recommend you shell out the 25 bucks for a glass spoon from Grasscity. Metal and acrylic are fine, I've smoked from both, but glass is art, and it doesn't get nearly as hot. Glass makes me proud to be a stoner.
  8. SamusVII SamusVII

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    Etsy is a really good place to buy. Grasscity takes forever to ship. With Etsy you buy straight from the artist, so you get a better price for the same glass. I ship the day I get the order, and you could have a piece in 2 days. Check out my stuff!

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