Buying Marijuana Online?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by jdmek4, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. jdmek4 jdmek4

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    hey im new here... so i wasnt sure where to post this

    im just wondering about those sites where they say you can buy bud and it all sounds good and ****.. the bud all looks danky dank on the pictures but im just wondering what happens if you really order from them? like ect ect.. do you really get the danky nugs like they show in the photos or does it come out to be some stress shwagg n stuff? im jus curious about this..
  2. teufelfisch teufelfisch

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    There are some underground retailers that really do sell marijuana over the internet.

    Herbalsmokeshop is not one of these. They sell herbs that they claim will get you high.

    If you want to buy REAL marijuana, check out Online Marijuana Retailers.
  3. Cassius Cassius

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    As Teufel pointed out, there is a different between real online marijuana retailers, and companies selling "legal weed" or "herbal smoke" or any of a variety of other names. That product is NOT marijuana, and in fact is off-topic for this site.

    Also, this topic has nothing to do with Cannabis and the Law, so I'm afraid I have to.... :lock:
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