CA: A Primer on Selling Pot Legally in California

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    A Primer on Selling Pot Legally in California
    03.10.07|Fresno Bee|By ANDREW GLAZER

    So you want to sell pot legally in California.

    The first step is to become a "primary caregiver," a status that insulates you and your patients suffering from "serious medical conditions" from prosecution for violating state laws against pot distribution.

    As a primary caregiver, the law authorizes you to grow, transport and provide marijuana to patients.

    You don't need any background in health care to hold this status. Nor do you need to register with the state. All it takes is an oral or written agreement between you and a patient designating you as their "primary caregiver." And you must be older than 18.

    So where do you get the pot? You can grow it yourself. But if you don't have the acreage, grow lamps or know-how, you're out of luck because the state has no system to provide marijuana and does not designate authorized pot wholesalers to sell the weed.

    The result, federal authorities say, is clinic owners do the same thing as people jonesing for pot in states without medical marijuana laws: They buy it illegally from street dealers.

    The state doesn't regulate what "primary caregivers" can charge for marijuana. And while clinics are prohibited from earning a profit there's no rule on how much a clinic owner can pocket. Some are pulling in millions of dollars each year, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

    If you want to get in on the action, you might consider advertising. You could go the route of a San Fernando Valley clinic and have roller-skating employees pass out glossy fliers to shoppers at a nearby mall.

    Or you could simply leave fliers on car windshields. Just be careful not to canvas cars parked near schools. When a Los Angeles-area clinic did that, Police Chief William Bratton called for a moratorium on all new clinics.

    Another option is to offer a popular brand of pot. The Web site offers reviews of marijuana varieties sold at dispensaries across the state. A good review in the Zagat of the Zig-Zag set can bring a new wave of clients.

    Though pot purchasers are supposed to be sick, clinics aren't required to check medical records. However, some are participating in a voluntary program where patients must show an ID to get marijuana. The card is proof patients got a recommendation from a physician.

    One downside: The price of the cards may be a buzz kill. A surge in applications prompted one county - Riverside - to raise the cost from $100 to $220.
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    Wow, that's a mouthful [IMG] Lit_Match
    It's possible I'm wrong but I don't think so - I, nor, anyone I know has ever been able (in this State) to enter a co-op (clinic) without a Doctor's recommendation or a County or a State ID card. Are there failures in that endeavor? - yes. But, like so many things, especially with the level of persecution that prevails regarding marijuana and the now 'chess game' mentality we are playing - A little faith, brothers and sisters, it's a brutal endeavor working our way through the 'system' and yes, while we may skin our knees - and in the case of all too many - suffer a hardship the rest of us owe a lifetime of thanks for, the chance that pot gives us, over and over, to renew our every moment is ...
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    Lit_Match. Great primer! That is basically the nuts and bolts to grow marijuana legally and then sell it. You can also become a patient yourself, have someone supply medications to you and then give the extra medications you dont use to your registered patients. We know a lot of people who do this and it's perfectly legal.
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    That post is over 4 years old.
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    Funny enough, the process has changed very little in CA... if at all.
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    While an old post, I wanted to add something:

    I live in Southern California. I am an official Medical Marijuana patient complete with Dr. evaluation and a recommendation letter. I got the others in my house to have their ailments analyzed and they too receive medical marijuana.

    I am going to grow legally up to 54 plants with the allowance for three people in my state. I am also going to try to produce up to 1.5 lbs--again the legal amount allowed in possession by 3 people.

    It is doubtful we will use that much medicine, so I've contacted several dispensaries in my town. ALL of them said they will give a "donation" for the excess medication. It was suggested to me that they will offer you about 1/2 of the donations they require from patients.

    So for those of you who don't want to open a dispensary or delivery service can off load all of your "excess medication" to those that run these places.

    I'm not a lawyer, but to do it right, you probably have to incorporate as some sort of non profit cooperative just like the dispensaries do. However, after talking to the dispensaries, I get the feeling that many don't make that big of deal about it.
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    post removed by poster. sorry

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