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    Naked girls smoking weed - best of 420 Girls
    Rob Griffin's coffee table book of cannabis facts and photography, published by Goliath Books , contains hundreds of photos of naked girls smoking, praising, and beautifying cannabis. The message is highly progressive. Each page highlights quotes and facts about hemp and marijuana
    12-31-`07 |

    Playboy Bunnies, Penthouse Pets and adamant amateur models came together. They shared their love and facilitated a revolutionary cannabis awareness publication. This splendid compilation features the kind girls from in tandem with spirited text.

    A recent interview with the author proved entertaining and valuable. "Working in the lab late one night I had a revelation," Rob stated. "Women are the most precious of beings. They should carry my message to the world. Readers from all cultures, classes, and professions will admire the beautiful imagery, allowing me to spread cannabis awareness utilizing integrated interviews, facts, and quotes."

    An avid hemp and marijuana activist, Rob Griffin has captured the spiritual essence of naked women smoking weed since 1993. The advent of MySpace and the blogosphere allowed the like minded and information starved to form and join groups. "My fan base bloomed exponentially," Rob says. "Apparently, where there's smoke there's interest."

    Rob's passion, positive perception, and ingenuity have seen him through adversity. Nowadays he walks tall and proud among the cannabis and hemp awareness movement. He has clearly extended his message to a global reach. This project exemplifies his vision, fervor, and photographic genius.

    Dreamers absorb, interpret, and relay visions for the benefit of their society. Every dreamer has their potion. Rob's potion is cannabis. "I see spirits when cannabis and I commune," he admits. "The resulting dreams inspired this project."

    Clearly, this author is devoted to his cause. This book is an innovative endeavor meant to generate universal understanding. The pristine form of the female body adds to the natural satiation of Mother Nature's "fruit for thought". Reciprocally, these ladies have never been captured in more beautiful settings and actions.

    Naked Girls Smoking Weed is a high quality publication. It is suited for any amiable table. The message and pleasure of the author is concisely and beautifully shared with all consumers who make this purchase. In my opinion, this is a must have book.

    "My mission is to progressively change International Cannabis Law," Rob continues. "I want to assist the legalization process of medical marijuana and hemp universally. I hope to accomplish this by coupling entertainment and education. The war on marijuana and industrial hemp is, in fact, a war on information. First we educate and then we vote."

    "This coffee table book sends my message. The days of discussing issues at campfire gatherings and music festivals are indeed fond memories. Each individual interaction is a step but now I need to build a staircase. I hope my book will be used to educate people globally for generations to come."

    Profits from the sale of this book fund the ongoing campaign to bring cannabis and hemp awareness to the world.

    :mj2: Wishing you a happy new year! :mj2:
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    You've got to wonder whether a book with pictures of naked women smoking pot and which promotes its spirituality will influence anyone other than pot smokers to favor legalization. I doubt that it would have anything but negative effects on the majority who consider marijuana use to be part of an immoral subculture of which they already disapprove.

    "See, Martha? I told you these potheads are a bunch of pagans and sex fiends!"

    I prefer the SAFER approach, which portrays marijuana as a safer alternative to alcohol for the average adult American. When cannabis is positioned as an adjunct to a non-mainstream life style, it will only meet resistance from those rooted in a more conventional way of life.

    As a participant in a non-mainstream life style, I look forward to having a look at this book. :D
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  3. Inhale Inhale

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    If naked women offends religious nuts so be it.

    Sexuality doesn't need to be heathanistic, it can be portrayed as Eastern thinking.
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    420girls book

    First Happy New Year,you can always count on Buzzby to try to keep a cool medium sometimes this does not always work,as humans we were given over to sin (ooh) if people want to read or look at this kind of thing let them go for it, it's their perogative,however for those in the know,I have to go along with Buzzby on this one,peace and joy for the new year,and for all out there with hangovers,that's exactly why I dont drink anymore,so go get a hair of the dog just dont go too far today I would hate to learn that dui ticket's were handed out to the people of,cheer's:cool:
  5. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Those "religious nuts" are the voters who will, in part, determine whether or not marijuana will be legalized for medicinal and/or recreational purposes. These are the same good folks who saddled us with George W. Bush.

    To the Christian majority, anyone who isn't a Christian is a heathen. For many, anyone who doesn't subscribe to their own particular brand of Christianity is suspect.

    If we want to move the majority in the direction of legalizing marijuana, it would be wise not to tie it to something that offends their basic sensibilities.
  6. Buzzby Buzzby

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    I took a look at It appears to be pretty much a standard pay-as-you-go porn site, except for the legalization gimmick. To my mind, this can do nothing but negatively affect the legalization movement.
  7. 420 Girls 420 Girls

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    did you read any of the text on the site or did you just look at the pictures and form that opinion?

    thanks for your feedback.
  8. Buzzby Buzzby

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    I formed that opinion by looking at the index page and seeing little but your basic porn site "teaser" pictures. If you click on one of them to find out what more these ladies might have to say about why marijuana should be legal, what you get is some fluff Q&A, not anything that would encourage people who don't approve of the legalization of marijuana to change their minds. If you want to see more naked lady pictures, it's time to pay up. People who think that marijuana use is an aspect of an immoral subculture would have their suspicions confirmed.
  9. 420 Girls 420 Girls

    • New Member
    • Since: Jan 1, 2008
    • Posts: 8 is an attempt to bring attention and budget to our mission...
    since it's almost impossible to make ad revenue online anymore in our industry, i'm sure rick will confirm this...
    you don't see any porn links or talk other than cannabis there...
    i use the girls to get attention, then every single thing they talk about and do, is all about cannabis...
    the money we make from that website is very small...
    every penny goes to funding our more serious side, 420 Magazine
    i've got over a quarter of a million dollars and 14 years of my life dedicated and invested in these websites...
    i assure you, my only intention is to create enough cannabis awareness to change international laws...
    before you go barking at me with your assumptions, i am right here, ask me all the questions you wish, to give you a better understanding of what you are currently assuming...;)

    thanks for your feedback and hempy new year!

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