CA: Sign Up - Speak Out: California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2014

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    Here it is... the 2014 California Cannabis Hemp And Health Initiative campaign. We at encourage all within the 420 world to show support with their signatures.

    California needs to catch up with Colorado and Washington - by legalizing recreational weed consumption - and in CO's case hemp production.

    With California poised on the brink of relevance - as one of the bigger left leaning political blocks (within a gun loving America) and a massive, albeit recovering global economy. CA needs to step up...and lead the left coast into the next phase of marijuana legalization, by firing up a sustainable domestic resource - Hemp, Cannabis... Marijuana.

    California's Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 -- if passed, will go a long way create untold numbers of jobs, based in a truly green economy with an estimated monetary value somewhere north of the multi billion dollar range.

    Get involved!

    Please contact us to be involved with the campaign in any way you can. The signature drive begins again in May 2013. We will need 750,000 signatures to make the ballot so spread the word and get involved!

    CCHHI 2012 got about 4 signatures per dollar donated. Please donate to keep the campaign alive for 2014. Even $1 helps!

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