can bugs get high?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Payless, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Payless Payless

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    okay so, i was litterally just smoking & the whole time i was doing it, i blew smoke on this little moth. & after i did it a few times, it just sat there. & it stayed on me all the way inside & into my room. & he's still just crawling around on my hand.

    i think i just answered my own question. still, i would like input on the subject.
    oh, and what shall i call him?:p
  2. jwall09 jwall09

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    Im preety sure they can get high. Just keep that little moth in your room for the whole night and if hes still alive after smokeing then you might have yourself a pet.
  3. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    I'm not sure if insects can be affected by THC, but I've seena study where spiders were given various psychdelics, and their resultiong webs were compared to the same spider's webs before being given drugs, and the results were fairly dramatic, and it was obvious arachnids could "get high" to some degree. Whether ort not insects have a way of processing THC however, I don't know
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  4. vvicked0471 vvicked0471

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    I don't know if moths are the same, but I know bees are confused by smoke, perhaps due to a lack of oxygen, so that could be the reason for the moth not flying away.
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  5. ctwalrus ctwalrus

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  6. jwall09 jwall09

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    lmao that little damn spider had a car and a gun damn. i always wondered how they got around town.haha
  7. Payless Payless

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    very true. i forgot about that.
  8. Payless Payless

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    o my god, that video was hilarious.
  9. Lurkerboy (T) Lurkerboy (T)

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    I think the most disturbing part of that video is the ending. "First Church of Christ". LMAO
  10. SenorSmokesALot SenorSmokesALot

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    Haha. That spider built a hammock and watched the other spider spin a web. That's just like a little pothead spider. Eating a whole bunch flies, laying about, laughing at the spider who drank too much coffee.
  11. LiveForMusic1827 LiveForMusic1827

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    I do not believe that bugs and/or animals have the same cannabinoid receptors that us humans have. Its very possible I would like to see a study done on this as well. Shit who knows maybe they can get higher than humans. I hotboxed my room with a blunt one time with my cat and i blew like 10 shotguns in her ear.....and she was just running around in circles for an hour then she went to sleep haha.

    And I doubt that video is real at all lmao still funny though.
  12. lxcarnagelx lxcarnagelx

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    my buddys and i hot-boxed the basement and my freinds dog didnt leave, after about 30 mins or so we gave him some dog food and he munched out like crazy lol
  13. Payless Payless

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    yeah, we did that at a party one time.
  14. NEK92 NEK92

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    They blow smoke at a cataoillar in Pineapple Express, but I think they do get high, because I remember reading it in my biology book. That video was funny as hell. Oh and name the moth Lunesta.
  15. piper11 piper11

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    I blew smoke from a j at a spider in it's web once and the second the smoke hit it, it curled up into a ball and wouldn't move, then the next day it was fine
  16. Balazin Balazin

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    I did the same, and the spider did the exact same, just curled into a ball and didnt move.
  17. Hashishi Hashishi

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  18. iLikeWeedAlot123 iLikeWeedAlot123

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    I wouldnt keep the moth in your room. Kill him. I let this one moth stay in my room once and it reproduced liek CRAZY and about a week later for liek a month i was killing like 2 moths a day every single day. It got really annoying.
  19. jakspar0w jakspar0w

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    I know I've smoked out the occasional spider near my window when I smoke in my room. They just sit there and chill. I know they are not dead because when I look away they keep freakin moving! And many a time I've smoked out ants...
    Now this is all just assuming they all got high. Still funny to think about though.
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  20. Eu_Dia007 Eu_Dia007

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    Okay, so no bs. Yesterday. My roommate and I left the weed we had left over from our blunt on a book on the coffee table. And a curious little fly ate a piece of the weed crumbs, flipped over on his back and after he was right side up again, he flew in a small circle around the weed and landed. When I moved the book the fly followed the book until it no longer felt safe I guess. After that the fly stood on the side of the couch by me for a while. Almost all day because I forgot about it being there... and I guess when his high wore off, it was an annoying little fly again.

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