Can Dogs detect Budder?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Chrisandalex1, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Just curious if budder has the same scents as bud.

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    i'd say so, dogs have amazingly good smell and would be able to smell it. but there is always a chance they might not be able to
  3. ChrisRoberts ChrisRoberts

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    Does anybody have any idea of the science of this? In my opinion cannabutter only vaguely smells like weed, and the dogs shouldn't be able to smell it unless they were trained to find that specific smell.
  6. Ksobro90 Ksobro90

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    Just for some tips....

    For are driving and get pulled over and the cop has a dog....if you have bud on you but you have a hamburger in the car....the dog will not detect the marijuana...the scent of the burger will be the only thing the dog will smell
  7. Krowleyrock Krowleyrock

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    if you can vaguely smell weed, the dog will be able to pick it up from a mile away. if you touch weed with your bare hand, then open a car door, the dog will smell weed on the door handle. a dog can smell weed that is inside a sealed plastic container inside a gas tank full of gas.

    the hamburger trick works, but its not because the dog cant smell the weed. you dont have to fool the dog, you just have to fool the handler. the dog may be signaling at the weed stuck inside the hamburger, but the handler (i.e. cop) will think the dog is just hungry, and not investigate further. this is probably the only way to not get caught if a k9 is involved.
  8. 1956 1956

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    budder or cannabutter

    Budder is by definition a highly concentrated form of smoking material made and sold it Canada with a thc content that is higher than any other pot based product. Something like 75-90%. I might be off a little but the reviews I have read are amazing.

    I am sure that a dog could smell this and cannabutter as well.
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