can i smoke in Aruba?

Discussion in 'New Forum Suggestions' started by superSmokey, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. superSmokey superSmokey

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    i'll go to Aruba next week, and i'm wondering is marijuana legal overthere? is it hard to find and how's the price? :redhot:
  2. Illuminati420 Illuminati420

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    marijuana is illegal world wide, it's just more tolerated in other areas especially amsterdam and jamacia, i have no idea about aruba though.....
  3. anonymity anonymity

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    I'm pretty sure you could find some, but you wouldn't be able to simply walk into a store and buy it. Good climate for growing, so you might be able to find some pretty nice outdoor.
  4. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    New forum suggestions? :confused:

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