Can Marijuana Cause Bad "Trips"?

Discussion in 'Science' started by Green'd, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Green'd Green'd

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    I was wondering if its possible to have a bad marijuana Experience or "Trip". I know this sounds like a very stupid question but I know that with harder drugs such as LSD or Shrooms ect. that if you go in with a bad mindset that you could have a very unpleasing experience. The reason why I ask is because a couple weeks ago I got kicked out of my home. I smoked only about 1 bowl with my friends (which is not a lot for me) everything went normal at first but then i started sweating a lot. Shortly after that I couldn't even look at weed without puking. I would puke even if i didn't have anything in my stomach. Shortly after that I passed out but thats ubnormal for me because I have greened out before and it for sure took more than 1 bowl. I guess it could have been because i was upset about being kicked out. Any Thoughts?
  2. Lpwn_Ranger Lpwn_Ranger

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    THC is a mild form of acid, so you can have a bad "trip" but that usually just involves paranoia. I'm guessing you were just stressed which upset your stomach and generally made you feel like shit.
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  3. Green'd Green'd

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    I never knew that THC was a form of acid... Thanks for the help bro.
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  4. Nuclear666 Nuclear666

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    It isn't. Technically speaking, marijuana is a very mild hallucinogen, but to compare it to acid? No.
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  5. Le0n Le0n

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    THC mild form of Acid? I've only ever heard that in a Family Guy Episode and the character, Chris, was merely quoting propoganda from BS studies.
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  6. kmak kmak

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    NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!

    Cannabanoids are not at all linked to lsd, I cant even believe i just read that. Please post up where you got that information.
    Cannabanoids are unique to the cannabis plant (hence cannabanoids), they dont make you "trip", but you can have a bad high. LSD DOES NOT ACTIVATE THE ENDO-CANNABANOID SYSTEM. THC=/=LSD!!!

    Lpwn Ranger please be aware of the sources of information that you read because posting something so undeniably false hurts our cause and causes confusion in misinformation
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  7. Brad420 Brad420

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    Marijuana is not like a mild form of acid, Saying that would mean that LSD would be a direct derivative of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, Which is not the case. LSD is Lysergic acid diethylamide and is synthesized using various chemicals and careful steps...

    They dont even compare.....
  8. Lpwn_Ranger Lpwn_Ranger

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    Jesus, sorry I mentioned it, I was just quoting an old biology textbook from college, you'd think I posted a picture of me shooting a baby in the damn face.
  9. killbumdeluxe13 killbumdeluxe13

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    what you described happens to me every now and then minus the puking. its some kind of panic attack, i dont think its the amount of weed its just the timing. ive had it happen to me from burning mad blunts and ive had it happen to me from hitting a bowl, i wouldnt be too scared of it though happens to the best of us. as for having a bad trip on weed or thc yes you can. i had a hash brownie with far too much hash in it and be totally honest it was the worst experience i have ever had on drugs. it wasnt tainted or laced with anything it was just really really powerful, ive done shrooms, acid, dmt, and plenty other drugs and nothing even compares the my experience with that hash brownie.
  10. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    for me my mindset very much effects the nature of my high. The only thing is that with marijuana this effect is much more subtle than with psychedelics.

    Psychedelics are significantly more intense than marijuana. You need to understand this before reading what Im about to say, because until you've taken a psychedelic, you can't possibly begin to even attempt to understand the experience.

    When I was depressed and I smoked weed, I relaxed and sat back and thought about my depression. I thought that my sessions were helping me, but really I was just picking at myself even more and dragging myself down.

    When I got over my depression (thanks to willpower and mdma) I began to notice that I was enjoying cannabis alot more. The foggy, hazy high that I used to have was lifted and replaced with the original clear, happy high that I had first fallen in love with.

    I found myself thinking more happy thoughts when I was high and was able to stray away from the negative.

    Cannabis is described as an all-a-rounder. it's a psychedelic, hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant and pretty much any other classification of drug you can think of.

    Psychedelic experience are generated by your own mind. It's the combined efforts of the human brain along with the drug that creates the experience. In many ways psychedelics show you yourself.

    as far as bad trips go, not one single bad experience I;ve ever had with marijuana can compare to any of my "bad" trips. I once lay prostrate on the cold hard ground outside, sheer agony coursing through my entire body much like the blood coursed through my veins. Before my eyes I saw, unfolding, a scene of horror. Everything I had ever once held dear, everything I had ever taken for granted, lay broken at my feet. My bass guitars, my amps, my pool, my parents, my house, my friends.

    For a brief period I got to experience just how bad my life would be without all these things that, until that moment, had gone unappreciated by me.

    Though it may sound like a bad trip to you, it was actually my second favorite one so far, beaten only by the time I doubled the dose on my 16th birthday and took 10 grams of shrooms. that trip actually redefined the word agony for me.
  11. sydolla sydolla

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    the other day i was smoking a doobie when i got these hot red blotches under my eyes, i started to feel real weak so i decided to start heading home from my blazing spot. by the time i got down the street my arm went numb and my heart started beating like it was going to explode (im sure that would be classified as a bad trip) from there i went to the hospital under the impression that i have had a heart attack. However i got tested for everything and nothing was found. I then went to a specialist who said my body was fighting against weed because i have to much of it in my body. Now everytime i burn i get the feeling of weakness and my heart starts racing which is very depressing because i love my weed. Does anyone have any info or solutions to this problem? it would be greatly appreciated :hail:
  12. duffpuff1 duffpuff1

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    Marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, and cannabanoids have NO affilition or grouping with lysergic acid diethylamide what so ever.
    Just wanted to make that clear.

    I'm sure that your bad trip is from paranoia.
    I had similar experiences with alcohol after drinking a mix of bourbon, whiskey, gin, and tequila after smoking a joint of straight Blue Dream keif. I puked about 8 times and it lasted about 3 hours. It sucked. Now, when I smell alcohol of any sort I get that puking feeling and literally come quite close. I feel your pain to a certain extent. MY RECOMMENDATION: Eat some edibles!

  13. Izzyrizzy Izzyrizzy

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    I will admit at the beginning stages of consumption, people do like to fill their heads with the idea of a "good and bad" high.
    But with experience comes realization, once you smoke for a long period of time on a daily basis, you will learn on your own that there is no good nor bad highs, there is only high. :)
  14. dude724 dude724

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    It's not just your mindset that can cause a 'bad trip' but it also links to your nutrition... when did you eat last, have you been eating healthy, are you hydrated etc. Also, like others have said, if you've had a looong day or week and your mind is tired/stressed/worn out... that can also bring on the mini attack. One trick is to get out and do something physical to take your mind off it... go move boxes, organize the garage, mow the lawn... stuff like that helps.
  15. Buzzby Buzzby

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    THC is not a "mild form of acid". It's a completely different chemical and works by an entirely different pathway in the brain. I've been using marijuana for 44 years. Early on, I had a few panic attacks, but in 44 years I've never "tripped". A bad trip and a panic attack are not at all the same.
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  16. FreddyC FreddyC

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    Like Buzz...I"ve had a couple of panic attacks from going way overboard, but have never "tripped". I've had "light" psychedelic experiences before by sprinkling some dried salvia leaves (NOT the concentrate) at the base of a bowl with my herb on top and hitting it. Just laid back, listened to music, and stared at the pictures on the wall. Not saying that it was a "trip" at all, but it was really mellow and I felt pleasantly askew. :) Freddy

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