Can Marijuana Effect your vocals?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Psychedelilah, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Psychedelilah Psychedelilah

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    I sing n play in a band. Ive been smoking all together since March very heavily to his day. Throught the months of singing and playing in my band Ive noticed no change in my vocals. I smoked twice before my show today and My vocals didn't seem as strong as usual infact they seemed pretty shot to the point where my voice was cracking. I want to know if marijuana effects the vocal chords...if it can make singing worse or w.e...I really dont give a sh*t bout my lungs or what it does to my mind its the singing thats bugging me. So any information on marijuana effecting the vocals please give me information on that..thank you
  2. Higher Logic Higher Logic

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    I can't speak for marijuana, because I'm not a good control for that, but when I started smoking cigarettes, my voice did deepen a bit. If you smoke all day, it most likely effects the pitch of your voice, but as for permanently? Not sure, I'll have to see if there's any data on that.
  3. drdoug99 drdoug99

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    You dont give a **** about your lungs, huh :rolleyes: not very smart IMO...but considering marijuana smoke is still smoke, it's going to affect you just like cigarette smoke....with maybe a slight variation due to the chemical differences in the 2.

    what kind of band are you in?
  4. Cassius Cassius

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    Smoking usually affects range first -- after smoking for a while you'll notice you have a harder time hitting the high notes or the low ones.

    Marijuana smoke is not as bad as tobacco smoke, but it's still smoke. The smoke is harsher and harder on your lungs/larynx if you don't separate your weed very well and there's any stems/etc left in it. If you want to preserve your voice, try using a vaporizer, or even better -- cook with it and let your digestive system absorb it instead of your lungs.
  5. Psychedelilah Psychedelilah

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    I'll try to cut down in a Pop Punk band....then iI have this side project stoner band stuff its like a Jam band/phsychadelic cool stuff.
  6. CardBoardBox CardBoardBox

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    o_O Smoking anything will effect your vocal cords and lungs if you do it enough, I think. I used to smoke cigarettes when I was a teen (Quit when I turned 20 :D) and I'd always have a scratchy voice after, but it usually cleared up. It probably effects it because of the hot, dry air when you inhale, and the tar and crap from smoking any kind of organic material starts to build up. Latly I've been coughing purposly to help clear my lungs when I blaze because I'll wake up the next day (I usually smoke up before bed) and I'll have a frog in my throat... So either try cutting down or coughing purposly. You could also try using a bong with warm water in it to try and smooth your intake.
  7. dankitydankdank dankitydankdank

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    niceness....I'm in the same boat you are. I've been smoking pretty heavily for the last year or so and I'm also in a pop/punk band.....its piano-based though....kinda like Something Corporate. I really haven't noticed a difference in my vocals....but I'll tell ya piano playing has gotten alot better! :rastabong
  8. casketfour casketfour

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    the ignorance on this board really drives me insane

    cannabis will relax your vocal chords
    try drinking a bottle of water. stop smoking cigarettes if you do
    don't smoke blunts, drink water all day long

    i have practially perfect pitch when i smoke, and can harmonize with anything
  9. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    Sure does for me....

    No...Cannabis will relax the muscles attached to your larynx. Your vocal chords do not have muscles. :rolleyes:

    Relaxation of the muscles may effect your tonal control however and effect your pitch accuracy.

    Inhaling burning particulate matter can and will irritate your larynx and chords. Inhaling hot vapors will as well.

    Drinking liquids (cool or tepid but never hot or ice cold) will continue to lubricate your larynx and keep them free from excess phlegm build up. During performance conditons drinking water will allow you to remain hydrated.

    Perfect Pitch does not exist -- perhaps you mean you have absolute pitch?

    Absolute pitch, widely referred to as perfect pitch, can refer to the ability to identify a note by name without the benefit of a reference note. The term is also less commonly used to describe the exact pitch of a note described by its number of vibrations per second.

    but yeah Casketfour....the "ignorance on this board" really drives me insane

    ....did I mention I am a professional Mezzosoprano?
  10. casketfour casketfour

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    Relaxation of the muscles may effect your tonal control however and effect your pitch accuracy.

    I think you meant to use the word "overall" instead of the word "however", whether you will admit to that or not

    Absolute pitch, widely referred to as perfect pitch, can refer to the ability to identify a note by name without the benefit of a reference note. The term is also less commonly used to describe the exact pitch of a note described by its number of vibrations per second.

    when you control your mind you control all things associated with the mind

    careful egos that flare are egos that tempt
  11. BeatlesCapo BeatlesCapo

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    I'm also a singer in a band, and we personally are very into Radiohead and Coldplay, which for those of you who are fans of the bands can attest, means I have to be able to hit the high notes.

    After writing our second song which I deemed to be of fairly high quality, I gave up smoking pot (never smoked cigarettes anyways) altogether, simply out of fear for my poor vocals.

    What was the final verdict here? Logic that has recently entered my brain is that although in no way is smoking anything going to be good for a singer, is it in moderation actually all that bad, and what about alternative ways of smoking? (I personally prefer a hit on the bong to a brownie any day). What I was thinking was that a night out with a smoker is going to put as much smoke in my lungs as a joint would, and what if I choose to begin frequenting public areas where smoking is allowed? (such as bars!)

    Mamabudz, I could not tell if you actually meant that you were a professional singer (I hope you are, you could probably set my mind at great ease!). If you are, could you give me your opinion on the following? All others opinions are welcome as well, and would be greatly appreciated, as I do love cannabis, but I would sacrifice it to save my voice.

    - How much would one likely have to smoke before noticing effects on his or her voice? How frequently? (Being able to smoke up even once a week would be great) The body deals with smog and such every day, could it deal with one joint a week without my noticing a difference on my vocals?

    - Joints are very portable, but also do not seem as easy on the lungs. Would a water bong make a noticable improvement? (Vaporizers obviously would, though a water bong is fairly easy to construct, while a vaporizer I would have to carry with me)

    - What about techniques for smoking? (Such as taking in more air with each hit, not holding it in as deeply) Ultimately, if my destination is the same high point, will it actually make a difference if I take 3 big hits as opposed to 6 small ones?

    Thanks a bunch to everybody who has responded and will respond.

  12. Psychedelilah Psychedelilah

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    Recently I came up with a final Decission on what I will do. Since its the summer and nothing is really going on Im going to smoke as much As I can. I smoke from a Bowl. The Day I stop will be August 19th the day I leave for vacation So i'll be off it for 2 weeks. When I come back I might smoke maybe 2 times a month or partys very rarely. So basicaly I have 1 month to smoke up and then its cutting down time. We go in the studio next month so Im ganan really cut down around Studio time and work on my voice. Thanks everyone for the information :D
  13. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    Yes I am a professional singer. I sing a variety of musical styles and am operatically a "mezzo soprano/contralto" which is a medium low to very low female voice. I have a 4 octave range but utilized the higher part of that range more in my teens and twenties in "ingenue" parts. Now I tend to play the "heavy". As for rock, think along the lines of Heart and you've got my range -- but without the rasp (unless I specifically put it in)

    A great deal depends on physical health. While the vocal chords are not muscles, they are attached to muscles and tendons and of course your lungs and diaphragm play a huge amount to breath control. If you are over tired, ill, worn out, all of these take a toll on your muscles.

    The human body and lungs have a wonderful ability to self-clean. All those 10's of thousands of years living in the caves with smokey fires. This doesn't mean you should add more smoke and pollutants to your system, just pointing out that the body can remove a great deal of toxins and smoke when it is healthy and rested.

    Smoking pot once a week shouldn't have an effect on your voice -- though I wouldn't sing right after smoking as your throat is irritated at that point by heat and particulate matter.

    And that is in fact the culprit you want to avoid whenever possible. ANd yes, drinking cool (not cold) water between puffs works well to keep the natural protective swelling down to a minimal.

    Damage to the vocal chords comes from swelling and then rubbing of the chords. Avoid this and you can protect the chords.

    naturally if you are using your chords to sing Grand Opera and you are a Hig tenor or Coloratura, I would advise not smoking at all but I don't think that is the variety of singing you are interested in.

    My experience is that you are beter off with a water bong (into which you have CAREFULLY slid ice cubes -- I have cracked bongs dropping in ice cubes :( --) Vaporizers are great int hat you don't get the particulate matter but many are still too concentrated as far as heat and can burn the soft palate of the mouth (upper roof of the mouth which needs to remain flexible for forming sounds and providing a nice resonance to your vocals) and burning your tongue -- okay MY tongue. Joints are fine, just don't smoke them to the end -- no needs to have hot matter too close to your tongue and mouth -- try making a cordboard tube "joint holder" out of a business card to keep the doobie as far from your lips as possible.

    You will absorb as much THC and other cannabinoids as your lungs can in 5 t 7 seconds after inhaling, no need to do more. Use your lungs and take the full breath -- deeply (hey you have greater lung capacity than someone who doesn't sing, use it). Pot is also an excellent expectorant --in other words, if you have phlegm in your lungs it will force it out, and you will expectorate (spit mucous out). So take you three big hits. And don't be suprised if you can finish half a joint in those three puffs...your lung capacity will increase.

    Wait awhile with your water bottle -- sipping...after about 20 minutes, go to town and sing your socks off. The joy of sinign stonesd is something I doiscoverd at 17...and I enjoy it even now 26 years later ...

    Glad to help a fellow songster...

    Have a great gig...


    Mama Budz
  14. BeatlesCapo BeatlesCapo

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    Thanks so much for an informative and well written post. It was very appreciated, and helpful.

  15. julie jen julie jen

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    I love this thread !

    Dear Mamabudz, thank you so much for existing ! Moreover thanks for been so cool and been here. Please forgive me my english !

    Thank you so much for your postings in this thread, i am a singer wanna be so i have been reading all i can find time to put my eyes on, as long as this great siteon throat/vocals/health/weed inhaling is concern.

    Mamabudz can i asq you so questions ?

    I got a vaporizer which cost me so much and does nothing ( no high ) and it costed me so much. 100$ for a student is 5 times 20$, Lots of cash to me !

    I will return this expensive tool ASAP. English is not my language and this high culture of weed lovers seem to have its own language/concepts. So that is why my questions may seem dumme.

    Here are my questions, what is a water bong ? that you Mamabudz keep on mentioning ? You said that is better for pot smokers who want to protect one's throat, right.

    Dear Mamabudz how can i avoid what you said in the previous post in this thread, you said this: Damage to the vocal chords come from sweeling and then rubbing of chords.

    How can i avoid the above ?

    Dear Psychedelilah

    What do you mean when you said i smoke from a bowl ?

    How is your voice doing ?

    I am a siinger so i realised that if i do my vocal homeworks routnely that my voice advance as long as i dont smoke before singing, or my daily vocalises exercises.

    Also what Mamabudz said is true i notice that if i smoke joint ( some pofs never a entire joint ) at night and then i rest and sleep well the next day, my throat will mostly be in pain and irritated, then if i drink fresh fruit juice and i eat good health food my thoat and voice is all back again.

    I loooove smoking pot, the relaxation that comes with is amazing, sex with weed is umbeliveable ! But my voice matters to me a lot, so i came to this site searching for alternatives and education on how to use pot without harming my vocals/throat. So reading this thread is such a relief !

    Dear BeatlesCapo thank you so much for asking questions pot head singers like me were dying to know but were afraid to ask.

    Thank you so much for sharing ! Have a wonderful high culture weed weekend :wave: !
  16. julie jen julie jen

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    Dear Site members ! Please help me ?

    All right you do not have to explain what is a water bong. I just want to know are there beter qualite water bong then others ? Should i ask for a particular type ?

    I got a vaporizer that costed me a small fortune. However it does work poorly so i am going to the store this afternoon to return it and i want to get a water bong. Because this high culture weed lovers has it own jargon/concepts/language could any of you give me some sugestions ?

    Some of you sugested me Vrip Vaporizer or VaporBrothers except that i am in Montreal and the stores i serched does not have it.

    Eventualy i will get VaporBrother by mall, but for now i want a healthier alternative which Mamabudz said to be a water bong.

    Thank you all so much for your time ! Mamabudz to read your posts about vocal mecanics is such a relief and educative, thank you endlessly !
  17. Psychedelilah Psychedelilah

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    I personally think that if you put freezing cold water in a bong that it isnt as harsh on your actually cools down the smoke. If your a singer id stay away from the blunts as much as you can. What I learned that by smoking to many blunts causes throat pain.
  18. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    Ice water in a bong is great -- just be careful not to crack your Bong (I did and it was a sad sad day :( )
  19. king cola king cola

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    "No...Cannabis will relax the muscles attached to your larynx. Your vocal chords do not have muscles."

    "Relaxation of the muscles may effect your tonal control however and effect your pitch accuracy."

    If it relaxes the muscles attached to your larynx that's a good thing. I mean if someone has or had a vocal disorder which over time caused thickened/tightend muscles around their larynx, with what you said, that would probably help the person heal, especially when using mouth excerises to reduce the tension too. I heard of singers getting such disorders over time. On the other hand, maybe not with vocals but pot might cause throat irritation. Some doctors will ask if you smoke cigarettes, if you do that, that to most people is a everyday habit, as for pot, it's usually occassional, unless your one of the few that smokes everyday, then it might be possible to effect the vocals.
  20. dangerous_squid dangerous_squid

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    I can't point to any research, but smoking anything can effect your throat and every component of it, some of which are very important for vocalizing.

    This being said, I knew a daily smoker that had the most gravel voice ever, yet could sing beautifully, because it came from his diaphram more.

    If I wanted to seriously pursue singing, I would just cook weed instead of smoking. It's more fun anyway. ;)

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