Can you ask for weed over facebook?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by tree frog, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. tree frog tree frog

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    I don't have a dealer and there are a few people that I know smoke weed and I could ask them to get me some, but every time I get a chance I get really nervous and chicken out. So i was wondering if I could private message a friend on Facebook and ask them.
  2. Keith Keith

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    Private messages are just such: private. Neither FB nor anyone else would or could access them, I think that's in the terms and conditions of having a Facebook account.

    Things posted elsewhere, like in a comment or on someone's wall, that's a different story. Don't ever do that.
  3. tree frog tree frog

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    If I do use Facebook, then how do i ask? They think I don't smoke, so it might seem weird if I just say "can you get me weed". Wouldn't it?
  4. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Anything you send over the internet is read by the NSA and will exist on the internet forever, eternally tied to your identity. I use 2048-bit key public key encryption. So should you.

    If you must go unencrypted, don't use real words for anything that's illegal and don't be obvious. Remember: the NSA is watching you. I wonder if Facebook stores your PMs under heavy encryption?

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  5. tree frog tree frog

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    never mind, i just asked over a text, I didn't use real words for it, i just hinted, he said next time he picks up will probably be after Christmas. I'm not sure if hes going to get me any though, because i said i wanted him to get me some, but he doesn't have to and he said "ok"
  6. Fridsade Fridsade

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    Yes. They store your PM's and personal information about you and your friends without having to tell you or telling you otherwise. Not only are we being watched, we've been tracked ever since we got a cellphone.

    To answer the OP, don't directly say "Do you have some weed?", you can simply find out their phone number and call them.

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