Canadian Cheese?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by CantThinkOfaName420, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. CantThinkOfaName420 CantThinkOfaName420

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    My dealer told me about this new shit he had called Canadian Cheese, im pretty sure thats what he said, has anyone heard of it? Opinions?
  2. -Lombax- -Lombax-

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    Oh god ew....that sounds gross and horrible name for a strain of weed....but idk never heard ofit before!
  3. hollywood39 hollywood39

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    i saw that strain on a seed website it looked pritty good sed 13.6% thc level which sees about mids whats he charging?
  4. doriangray doriangray

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    Well, Cheese is a well-known strain, and Canadian just means it is from Canada, probably BC, so it should be good!
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  5. rich420 rich420

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    If/when you get it you need to throw up some pictures, I would like to see what this "cheese" looks like.
  6. jokaonfire jokaonfire

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    yo just cause it has a weird name, dont not buy it. ive tried some sorts of "canadian" straings (never cheese tho) but its worth a shot. a lot of good shit comes out of canada
  7. backformore543 backformore543

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    Once again, for all the names people make its probably just a homegrown that got a name attached to it, for sale purposes.
  8. Flock_of_Crows Flock_of_Crows

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    i also would really like to see pictures of this strain as well...

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    yeah cheese was coming around cali for a bit, some dank buds
  10. Cellph Titled Cellph Titled

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    I've smoked/bought this "Canadian Cheese". I don't have any pics of it because I smoked all of it, and it was a while ago. If its the same you're talking about. Its a pretty good strain. Wasn't the best but it was good. I would recommend buying it.
  11. snatcher420 snatcher420

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    I find names only mean nothing to those who are never told what they are smoking. But when i see the seeds in the breeder pack i know what i'm getting is what it says...Anyway...Like someone said, maybe it's just one of the seed versions of the clone only cheese, that was grown in Canada. I love Big Buddha Cheese from seed, once you smoke that you will remember the taste and smell always. Did someone say Cheese Cake, cause that's what it tastes and smells like to me thru my vaporizer.

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