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    Pot's in the mail: Canada Post to probe 'fast, discreet' Bud Buddy, dispatching Marijuana to those in medical need

    Jon Ferry | Victoria Times Colonist | September 19, 2004

    VANCOUVER -- Canada Post has said it will investigate a Vancouver-based Marijuana mail-order business that provides "fast, discreet" service to those declaring they suffer from one of a host of medical ailments.

    Canada Post spokesman John Caines said it would be up to police to say whether the postal pot operation, called Bud Buddy, was breaking the law.

    But the Crown corporation will probe its use of the national mail service.

    "I'll bring it up to our legal people and they'll advise us on what we're going to do then," Caines said from Ottawa.

    "We're going to look into it."

    B.C. Solicitor General Rich Coleman, meanwhile, said Saturday that he hopes police would launch their own investigation into what seems to be simply another illegal way of selling an illegal drug.

    [Suetaznote: Of course Rich Coleman would have something to say about this, he just hates Marijuana. He doesn't "hope' the police will launch an investigation, he's probably pressuring them to. Can't have the sick getting that eeevil medicine!]

    "My expectations are no different on this than it would have been on the Da Kine cafe," he said, referring to the Vancouver cafe that closed last week following the arrest of owner Carol Gwilt and seven employees on Marijuana trafficking charges.

    "If law enforcement is made aware of something that's illegal, my expectation is that it would investigate and the laws of the country would be enforced."

    Bud Buddy has been in business since August of last year. It describes itself as "Canada's premium mail-order Marijuana delivery service."

    It claims to provide "world-class Marijuana" -- ranging from California Orange to Jamaican Sugar and Durban Poison -- that is "always clean, well-cured, tasty and potent."

    On its Web site, it offers three grams of bud for $35, seven for $70, 14 for $130 and 28 for $250.

    Bud Buddy ships only in Canada. And it tells customers to place their order only via regular mail or Canada Post Xpresspost, sending cash or a money order (plus a $10 shipping fee) to a postal box.

    Dana Larsen, editor of Cannabis Culture magazine, said he could recommend Bud Buddy (one of three Marijuana mail-order Web sites he knows of) as reliable and honest.

    But he wouldn't divulge the name of the person operating it.

    "He's a Vancouver person who decided this would be a good way to get Marijuana to people who need it," Larsen said.

    An e-mail attempt to get an interview with Bud Buddy was unsuccessful Saturday.

    Marijuana is an illegal drug in Canada, and its sale or possession is outlawed except for federally sanctioned medicinal purposes.

    On its order form, Bud Buddy asks customers to certify they are over 18 and suffer from one of a long list of "applicable ailments" cannabis is said to relieve or treat.

    The list includes anorexia, mood swings, constipation, panic disorder and muscle spasms.

    [Suetaznote: Mood swings?! :laugh: I'm female, of course I have mood swings! I qualify! :D]

    Caines said unless authorized by Health Canada, medical Marijuana is not supposed to be shipped through the mail.

    [Suetaznote: I read somewhere that Canada Post agreed to ship medical Marijuana as long as it wasn't labeled as to what was in the package. Maybe that was just someone's advice and experience. I wonder if Health Canada has approved anyone to ship through the mail. They seem to like to make it as difficult as possible for medical patients to get their medicine.]
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    Hmmmmm: "Due to the incredible media spotlight and attention that Bud Buddy has received, I am shutting down this website and this service. I am sorry that I must shut down, but I cannot continue to function under the media microscope."

    Of course one shouldn't buy the inferiour Canadian Skunk in the first place :D

    Which countries weed is most potent, hmmm?

    Just Say No To Narcoterrorism: Buy Dutch Pot!

    I'm not endorsing, proceed at own risk, and let's keep it out of the media m'kay? :lookaroun
  4. Suetaz Suetaz

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    Posted by: solutions
    That's good advice, the medical users shouldn't buy that government grown Skunk weed, they should grow their own. ;)

    If you were trying to get a rise out of me, it didn't work. :laugh: I know how good our Canadian weed is and I'm quite satisfied with it. :D What would you know about Canadian weed anyway? Just because you decriminalized weed, doesn't mean we haven't been growing weed for as long as you have.

    Ya, ok. Maybe you did get a rise out of me. I can't help it, I'm proud of our Canadian weed! I have a bumper sticker that says, "Canadian Marijuana Kicks A$$!" Heh, too bad I don't have a bumper - or a car. :goof:
  5. solutions solutions

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    There can be only one!

    heheh, not trying to get a rise out of you dear Suetaz, just trying to establish facts :D

    We might have a conservative governemnt right now (no way are they getting 4 more years!) talking nonsense to please "allies" while Canada is bravely defying the US (goooo Canada) but let's be real. The Dutch are cultivators pur sang, we have been growing the most exceptional cannabis strains around for centuries, where do you think the hemp came from for the first draft of the US consitution? We've been doing just what we did with tulips. I wouldn't be surprised if much of the Canadian "Budder" come from Dutch grown varieties (okay, I'm covering my bases just incase BC bud is stronger :D)

    It's true, I don't know Canadian bud and I have no doubt it is excellent, but I would like to see if you can come up with figures on it's potency, here are the numbers from the Netherlands:
    Today’s report shows that effective potency of cannabis in nearly all EU countries has remained quite stable for many years, at around 6–8% THC. The only exception has been the Netherlands where, by 2001–2002, it had reached 16%, largely due to the increasing availability of intensively produced home-grown cannabis.
    And, as for data on the potency of Canadian BC-Bud: DEA FIGURES DON'T COUNT! ...

    82% THC - gimme a break :laugh:

    At least 82% of the research on cannabis coming from US agencies can be tossed out straight away, I hope they recycle their paper:
    "Statements in the popular media that the potency of cannabis has increased by 10 times or more in recent decades are not supported by the data from either the USA or Europe .... The greatest long-term changes in potency appear to have occured in the USA. It should be noted here that before 1980 herbal cannabis in the USA was, according to the available data, very low by European standards. A caveat here is that there is some question to how far the historical data provide a true representation of the situation"
    Or saying "liars, liars, pants on fire" in a diplomatic way... :D
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    Are they selling Canadian brides through the mail yet?


  7. Suetaz Suetaz

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    Posted by solutions:
    Not likely. I wouldn't trust any government tests anyway, and the only other testing I know of being done is at the Vancouver Island Compassion Society's research center. I think VICS tested the Budder at 82% THC and they tested the government grown medical schwag after the government reported it was 10 or 11%, they discovered it was only 5%. The medical Marijuana that VICS was growing before they were raided was 19% THC. Other than those figures, I don't know of any other testing that's been done that I would trust.

    Haha. Very funny. I guess we can't trust your figures either, since they must have come from the DEA too? :rolleyes:

    HH: I'm gonna kick your butt if I start getting proposals!
  8. solutions solutions

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    I guess we can't trust your figures either, since they must have come from the DEA too?

    Nah, the EMCDDA holds some credibility, so nothing like the DEA....

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