Cannabis may help combat cancer-causing herpes viruses

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    10/16/2004 |

    The compound in Marijuana that produces a high, delta-9 tetrahydrocannbinol or THC, may block the spread of several forms of cancer causing herpes viruses, University of South Florida College of Medicine scientists report.

    The findings, published Sept. 15 in the online journal BMC Medicine, could lead to the creation of antiviral drugs based on nonpsychoactive derivatives of THC.

    The gamma herpes viruses include Kaposi's Sarcoma Associated Herpes virus, which is associated with an increased risk of cancer that is particularly prevalent in AIDS sufferers. Another is Epstein-Barr virus, which predisposes infected individuals to cancers such as Burkitt's lymphoma and Hodgkin's disease.

    Once a person is infected, these viruses can remain dormant for long periods within white blood cells before they burst out and begin replicating. This reactivation of the virus boosts the number of cells infected thereby increasing the chances that the cells will become cancerous.

    The USF team, led by virologist Peter Medveczky, MD, found that this sudden reactivation was prevented if infected cells were grown in the presence of THC. While cells infected with a mouse gamma herpes virus normally died when the virus was reactivated, these same cells survived when cultured in the laboratory along with the cannabinoid compound – further evidence that THC prevents viral reactivation.

    Furthermore, the researchers showed that THC acts specifically on gamma herpes viruses. The chemical had no effect on another related virus, herpes simplex-1, which causes cold sores and genital herpes.

    Small concentrations of THC were more potent and selective against gamma herpes viruses than the commonly used antiviral drugs acyclovir, gancicyclovir and foscamet, said Dr. Medveczky, a professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology.

    The USF researchers suggest that THC selectively inhibits the spread of gamma herpes viruses by targeting a gene these viruses all share called ORF50.

    Dr. Medveczky emphasized that more studies are needed. "We have not evaluated the effect of THC in an animal model yet so we do not recommend people start using pot to prevent or treat cancers."

    In fact, Dr. Meveczky said, THC has also been shown to suppress the immune system so smoking Marijuana could "do more harm than good" to patients whose immune systems are often already weakened.
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    How can it be both good and bad to the immune system? He says THC has been shown to supress immune response, but I wonder if these tests were done with people smoking poorly and not optimally grown/harvested/stored/cured/chemical fertilized, etc. weed. Vaporization would not result the same and I suspect really good herb has not been tested to produce this result. Its not all the same.

    Smoking anything will inhibit immune response simply because of all the unwanted combustibles the body has to clean out. If the system has to do all that extra work it doesn't have time to reduce a virus.
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    "Furthermore, the researchers showed that THC acts specifically on gamma herpes viruses. The chemical had no effect on another related virus, herpes simplex-1, which causes cold sores and genital herpes."

    Herpes simplex type 1 only causes ONLY oral herpes, which is just cold sores. Herpes simplex type 2 causes genital herpes. Just because someone has type 1, does not mean they have type 2.
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    Ha, I was let down when I read this.

    Still really cool stuff though. Marijuana is medicine. It is just too bad we have prohibited its study and use *stares at our elected officials :mad:*

    EDIT: and I have a question, if studying the drug is prohibited, where do all these studies come from :confused:
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    Irregardless of what part of marijuana they use,they want to make it synthetically if possible and must write their study up as if organic marijuana will not do the same thing,say as hash oil. How can the pharmaceutical companies make billions if they show that the cure/blocking can be accomplished by a weed that grows in just about any soil condition. It is one of the main reasons they are fighting legalization tooth and nail.
    And every study that shows medical applications without a disclaimer against the use of organic marijuana is ignored,or they just claim they have issues with the research.
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    Should we really say weed? I always thought anything you take into your body was considered an herb....?

    I always say herb if I can remember..........Sounds better......:D

    By the way, this study continued and I read somewhere that it really didn't work that well on the virals...............;)

    Some Where In Ded Land...............
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    Theres a big differenc in type 1 and type 2 herpes..Type 1 is the cold sore most of the time on the outside of the mouth,but some folks get them on the inside...

    Type 2- genital herpes..Not to be asscociated with type 1, although most people think its the same..

    Now Chicken pox is also a type of herpes that you normally get when your a child..But it's also a type 1 herpes...Now since the study said that type 1 and type 2 cannot be helped with cannibis, but chicken pox is also not the exact same virus as the standard type 1...Can this form of the herpes virus be cured or slowed down with the use of cannibis?

    Now if you have the type 1 hepres in the first place, Your not going to get the chicken pox virus at all..Well at least not from my 20+ years experience with type 1...

    But it has been shown that cannibis alone slows the spread of cancerous cells in most cases...So maybe everybody should use cannibis, and maybe they will squeeze a couple more years out of life..Especially for those that are terminal..If anything can give them a couple more days/weeks/years of life, I'm all for at least trying it..
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    I gave some Cannabis Oil to my little sister the other day for cold sores. She was complaining she was getting one, when I remembered I still had some oil. She applied that night, and the next morning it was almost gone. The 3rd day she woke up, it was completely gone.

    Take it for what it worth, but it worked like a charm on her.
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    The best way to make people want to do something is to make it illegal.

    At first, the studies saying cannabis was bad for your health were in reality a doctor who wanted to make a monkey smoke 65 joints and see the results, but he thought it took so long, so he pumped the smoke of 65 joints in the monkey's mouth all at once and studied the results. Who pumps himself 65 joints in à couple seconds ? See, that's why people want to study it, to see if this is really true. Of course it isn't.

    And if they prohibit the study of cannabis on the human body, it's because they want to hide the fact that they lied about the "Marijuana is bad !" thing. Truth don't fear investigation.

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