Carbon monoxide detector HELP

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  1. rocky400 rocky400

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    Ok so im not chemist or anything but i am getting a carbon monoxide detector in my room and i like to burn incense and smoke weed of course ;) and when anything smoke isnt carbon monoxide a natural chemical in smoke? will weed smoke or incense smoke activate the carbon monoxide detector?? HELP
  2. iPoser1024 iPoser1024

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    I believe there are small amounts released from the burning of both.
    I could be wrong, but I doubt it's enough to trip your detector up.
  3. clint902 clint902

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    I used to smoke cigarettes and just about everything else in my room and never set off my carbon monoxide detector. Those detectors are set up to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide from stoves, furnaces or that type of leak but not from puffs of smoke. I doubt a carbon monoxide detector would even sense the trace amounts of it in your smoke.

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