Christmas Poem

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by tagger721, Oct 21, 2001.

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    Seeing that christmas is coming up soon i thought id share this poem with all you guys....I dont know the author.

    'Twas the night of the party
    And all through the town
    No cops were a stirrin'
    No *pigs* were around.

    The joints were all rolled
    And piled in stacks...
    In hopes that by midnight
    We'd be blown to the max!

    We drank Seagram Sevens
    And smoked Panama Reds,
    While visions of munchies
    Danced in our heads.

    Then all the sudden
    Came a knock on the door,
    We all yelled "PIGS!"
    And dove to the floor.

    Yet what to our red glazed
    Eyes should appear,
    But a pound of Columbian
    And TWO kegs of beer.

    The man at the door
    Just gave us a smile,
    So we invited him in
    To party awhile.

    He sat in the corner
    And started to roll
    So we filled up his glass
    And lit up a bowl.

    Then we heard him say,
    (As he flew to the sky)
    "Merryjuana to all....
    And to all, a good high!"

  2. potheadreturns2 potheadreturns2

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    Oh my god dude, that was... beautiful! I almost cried when I read that part about munchies dancin in our heads. That's just so, wonderful! Merry christmas everyone! And have a happy halloween!
  3. Rusty_Cage Rusty_Cage

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    alcohol is bad :nono:

    other than that... pretty good poem :)

    "Merryjuana to all.... And to all, a good high!" i gotta remember that one.
  4. potheadreturns2 potheadreturns2

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    No no my friend, alcohol is not bad, however weed is better.
  5. theinfamousgoat theinfamousgoat

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    dude thats relly friggin arsome, if you have others like that, plz post em, those are cool!
  6. king cola king cola

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  7. Robert Gromble Robert Gromble

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    Took a classic and put your own, weed inspired, spin on it.
    Not only do I love it, I'm going to memorize it!

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