Christmas Tree!

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Bud&bluntman, Dec 21, 2007.

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    2 weeks ago a good firend of mine got an ounce of something he calls christmas tree, and its AWESOME. I was stoned out of my mind for aobut 3 hours, its really nice. I bought a QO of it and am really happy. Tonight im goin to sleep over his house and blaze long into the night to kick off christmas break! I am pretty sure the bud is headies, its BRIGHT green, and has alot of keif falling off of it a some tiny crystals.
  2. hi_imstoned hi_imstoned

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    Christmas Tree

    :) - i smoked some of that yesterday, and it really was amazing. When i broke it down, it practically became dust, and I was high for about the same time length. good stuff :)
  3. Teleo9 Teleo9

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    Ahhh.. totally jealous :[
  4. Kranter Kranter

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    Lol, sounds good. Iv never had this bud. Iv had other "christmas" bud like Jack Frost. That stuff there is amazing.

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