collecting resin from a glass pipe

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by kidswithguns, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. kidswithguns kidswithguns

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    How should one go about doing this?

    My little bro got my pipe today and boiled it to collect the resin. It worked fine I guess, except it fucked up some of the paint? And didn't really remove all the resin.
  2. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Melt it off with isopropyl alcohol and let the alcohol evaporate.
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  3. cthcforlife cthcforlife

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    I used a paper clip, vodka and hot water, took me nearly an hour to scrape it all out but it ended up being a nice size resin ball
  4. emuhhleee emuhhleee

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    most of the time, i just use a safety pin on any other pokey object. but, i've tried boiling. it got it pretty clean, but it put a ring around the pot i was using & there wasn't that much resin in the pipe to begin with...

    i've heard that soaking it in alcohol & shaking it with salt works, but i don't think it works if you plan to smoke the resin.

    my problem is that my resin is too sticky... now, there's a problem i don't think i'll be able to solve.
  5. echolalia echolalia

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    i use a bobby pin, with the nubs at the end taken off obviously, bend it into the right position, and scrape. if i want to get my pipe nice and shiny i will use isopropyl but it seems to liquefy the resin so i just dump it. when i am wanting resin i scrape manually
  6. Medicalifornication Medicalifornication

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    If obtaining alchohol is too difficult for you, Try any dish washing detergent (powder) with hot water. Shake, rinse and repeat. Worked like a charm for me.
  7. Zebra Zebra

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    It didn't knock off the paint, there is no paint. When your bowl is brand new it is clear and has no color. Once it starts to resin up, the resin starts filling in the colors. So don't worry about your bowl fading or losing color, it will get the color back once you start smoking from it again.

    If you want to collect the resin, just do what Buzzby said.
  8. 1406 1406

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    If you're smoking anything with 'paint' on the bowlhead, I'd discontinue the use immediately.

    Otherwise, do what Buzzby said and use rubbing alcohol.
  9. RockThemSocks RockThemSocks

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    Sorry for posting on an old thread, found it on google.

    Alls I do is heat the pipe up with flame to liquify the resin and grab a (cleaned) small flathead screwdriver to pull the resin out. Works like a charm..its not perfectly clean of course, but it works. ;)

    Side note, a product called Holy Cow works great for cleaning up resin. Its what i use to clean my bong, it gets fking spotless.


    Sorry again for posting on an old thread!! Dont be :mad: !
  10. Bud Is good Bud Is good

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    So you want to collect the rezin? Then use a paper clip and get as much as you can..Then i put the bowl in abaggie with alchohol and salt, you can use epson or regular table salt..You just put in a bag and shake for a while..A WHILE If the pipe hasnt been cleaned out previously..And that usually takes care of it..Then you can just rinse with hot water dry the pipe and use..
  11. Drew420 Drew420

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    You probably could smoke the resin once the alcohol evaporates. It might taste even worse, though.
  12. Le0n Le0n

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    You realize that what you are smoking is a putrid mixture of carcinogens and VERY little THC right?
  13. Drew420 Drew420

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    It does actually get you high, though.
  14. Brad420 Brad420

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    Le0n is right, There is barely any THC left in the resin, It is mostly tar from the smoke going though the pipe, Plus it tastes fucking horrible when you smoke it.
  15. Phenom Phenom

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    Put it in the fridge or freezer. Just be careful with the pipe, it's going to be even more fragile.

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