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Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Kibbatoz, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. Kibbatoz Kibbatoz

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    Stems and seeds?

    I no this guy who says he has made pot brownies with stems and seeds and it gets him high.I have a huge stems and seeds bag it's a couple years old but he says it would still work.

    Is this true would making it out of stems and seeds really work because I will do it knowing I wont waste any weed.And if it would work would the high be different.At first I figured you would just get a huge headacke but he pointed out there is thc in stems that had buds on em and I don't know about thc in seeds though.
  2. GanjaNamja GanjaNamja

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    ehh....seeds?? i don't think those are necessary at all
  3. FadedToBlack FadedToBlack

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    Stems have a tiny amount of THC. Seeds have none.
  4. Jaycrills Jaycrills

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    Your defenitly over that man, even if it worked...sounds sick.
  5. Fluke_24 Fluke_24

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    These things are just a bunch of old stoners tales. Don't believe any of them. I had a friend once who was convinced he was getting high when he made a once a year batch of "seed" soup.
  6. teufelfisch teufelfisch

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    Stems actually do have a bunch of THC, but most people don't smoke them because they taste like ****. Seeds, as was mentioned, have none. Plant them, and make more THC.
  7. Kibbatoz Kibbatoz

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    So I bet stems will work I think I'll try it hell I've done worse.
  8. ShortKut ShortKut

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    Stems, oh lovely stems!

    This may only apply to those that grow!

    If anyone has an excess amount of stems, I highly suggest cooking them instead of throwing them away. I made canna-butter with 63.6 grams of stems, and it got me pretty messed up to say the least. Stems deserve some love too!

    What I did: Followed the canna-butter recipe and just threw all the stems into my blender. Got the stems in a partial powder/grainy texture and threw it all into two sticks of butter. Let it simmer (again, just follow the original recipe except use my stems modification) and I made some cookies following a normal cookie recipe, except I used my canna-butter :). I just thought I would post this because it worked great for me, and I hate to see stems going to waste!

    The cookies didn't taste that bad, I was surprised considering the amount of stems I used in such a little amount of butter. I found it best to make some peanut butter cookies, although the regular cookies still tasted okay. Just realize people that these are stems, so the THC level your working with is ridiculously low, so eat about 3-6 cookies depending on how messed up you want to be. I ate six and was "unable to operate heavy machinery" for about 6 hours! This was my first time I made/ate marijuana cookies and im glad to say it was a success. If anyone is wanting to try my method, I’ll be more then happy to post more detailed information if needed. Have fun!!!
  9. PhreshwaterPhunk PhreshwaterPhunk

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    That is awesome. Congratulations! If I ever start growing, I'll be sure to do that. Cause it would take a hell of a lot of smoking to get high off stems, so why not cook them?? Nice... :D
  10. Ilúvatar Ilúvatar

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    Were the stems that you used from a very potent batch of cannabis? I would think that that would give the stems a little more "umph", compared to the shwag stems i'm starting to have a collection of.

    I've had my dealer save all the stems he throws away. in the end i ended up having a 1/2 oz. of them. i made some stem tea with the recommendation of mamabudz, but i didn't get much more than a slight spinning feeling an hour afterwards and a greater appreciation of music. i didn't really get any buzz from them.
  11. dj atom 12 dj atom 12

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    I always save mine. I slow-cook them in alcohol over a couple of days, strain, let pan dry, scrape pan. :D
  12. ShortKut ShortKut

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    The stems I used were actually from some seeds that my friends dad threw into his forest (with very little light). Most of the plants molded, but he saved three. The plants didn't grow long enough (he was moving, so he had to get em' out early) nor did they cure long enough. So long story short, I don't think the stems were too great of quality, but 63.6 grams of em' sure did the job!! :D
  13. Ovathinker Ovathinker

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    small supply of stems.....big ideas

    Ive recently bought an ounce, and Im finding myself with alot of stalks. Ive decided I want to try eating some thc based foods, but with using my stalks.

    Ive had a look at some recipes and decided tea wouldnt be for me, and most recipes require alot of buds, not stems.

    Does anyone know of a recipe that I can use?

    Im not sure how many grams of stalks Ill have, but id say somewhere around 3-5 grams.
    And Im looking at getting 2-3 people (max) ripped, so maybe not using little stems to make a big cake would work, a recipe that will be most effecient for small supply of stems.

    Any help appreciated.
  14. The Hoon Warrior The Hoon Warrior

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  15. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    grind the stems... and make cannabudder...

    from there the possibilities are endless ...though I do reccomend rice krispie treats with mini M&Ms aas a good start
  16. Ovathinker Ovathinker

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    Thanks Mamabudz:)

    Jus a few q's....

    I read a post of Panamas and it mentioned because of the low thc content of stems it hard for people to get stoned, also to use one pound of butter, so my q's are

    Seeing as I have few stems should I use less butter, or does the ratio not matter?

    Any other tips for a first time stem cooker?

    Will it matter or will anything need to be changed if I throw in a little bit of bud?

    Ill probably have more qeustions as they arise if thats cool with you

    p.s-cookie please? :D
  17. ManMulcahey ManMulcahey

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    how much stems should you have to make an effective drink or food? i wasnt sure, i had about an ounce, and i didnt think thered be enough thc, then my mom found the bag and threw it away...
  18. Experience Haze Experience Haze

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    i would think you would need at least a few ounces of stems to make a good drink. Find someone that grows and ask them if they want all those leftover leaves and stems, if they don't. you got some hash or whatever you wanna make.
  19. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    2 sticks of butter should be enough (that's 1/2 a pound)

    Melt the butter first

    Add the powder (powder up the bud in the grinder are looking for as much surface area as possible!), stir, cover and keep on LOW for about 20 minutes...

    Strain thru a metal strainer to remove most plant matter...

    ...and use

    Here's a hint... Make some cream of potatoe or cream of mushroom soup...Add a dash of basil, parsley and garlic powder...and add a few tablespoons of cannabudder --- Serve with crusty bread or toasted cheese sandwhiches!

    Yummy :liplick:


    Mama Budz
  20. Experience Haze Experience Haze

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    mamabudz, did you change your avatar?:( i likes the one you had before...

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