Cool screensavers/wallpaper?

Discussion in 'Cool Links' started by outerlimits, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. outerlimits outerlimits

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    Today i noticed that i've had the same screen saver and wallpaper for about 4 years now. Does anyone know any good sites for trippy wallpaper and screensavers?
  2. Arise -SWS- Arise -SWS-

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    You can check erowid's art pages for pieces made while under the influence of various drugs (lots of psychedelic stuff in there), and I like to use art done with 3d programs like 3DStudio Max or 3D Cinema
  3. Blunted Blunted

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    I use the drempels desktop. It's always in motion so you can't really get a good screenshot on it but the image I attached should give you an idea on what it's like.
  4. KmKToker420 KmKToker420

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  5. DonkeyPunch DonkeyPunch

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    I usually just go to and search for pics in the resolution of my monitor. That way, you can pretty much get whatever type of image you want without having to use the same desktop as tons of other people.

    Actually, I use google because I get so damn indecisive when I see too many diff. wallpapers in the same place, so its easier (and faster) for me to think of something and then search for it rather than browse and find something good. Post whatever you end up using.

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