Cost Per Gram / Ounce of Weed

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    where I live the, (reg prices), you can get 2 grams for $10, 4 grams for $20, 1/4oz for $40, 1/2oz for $60, and 1oz for $120. (mid prices) you can get 1 gram for $10 and 1/4oz for $60. (dank prices) 1 gram for $20
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    Almost the same as where I live, but people only say dank around here if its realy nice weed and it has a name. If theres no name and it is still realy great weed you can buy "chronic" for $15 a gram. So what you have to do around here is buy chronic or your getting ripped off, or you have to know a grower so that you can make sure your getting exactly what you're told your getting.
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    Everything is always weighed without a bag and eighths are 3.5 and an ounce is 28. I don't understand how it could be different if it's always the same measurement everywhere lol
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  4. AintChokinYouAintSmokin AintChokinYouAintSmokin

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    In New Zealand a gram is $20 and an ounce is $350. Hefty prices ahaha
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    Currently there are 18 medical marijuana states / plus the District of Columbia
    And now that recreational pot smoking has been legalized in two states...let's take a look and see what that's done to the average price for a 1/2 ounce of weed [and under] around the US.

    Major caveat: prices will vary by region - greater scarcity equals greater expense basic law of supply and demand.

    In Las Vegas Nevada at Dr. Feelgoods you can expect to spend approximately...
    Grand Daddy Purple $25 per gram $50 1/8 ounce $100 1/4 ounce

    In Santa Ana California, at the California patients Association you can expect to pay
    Nuggetry Hardcore OG $18 per gram $55 1/8 ounce $100 1/4 ounce $190 1/2 ounce

    Up on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state at Karma wellness collective
    Cheese $11.5 per gram $40 1/8 ounce $70 1/4 ounce $130 1/2 ounce

    As we compare weed prices broken down by Gram, we can see they've held steady over the last 12 months, showing a slight increase in price compared to 12 months ago.

  6. ExternalBleeding ExternalBleeding

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    Holy shit! For one, what is "Nuggetry Hardcore OG"? And two, why the HELL is it 190$ a half oz?
  7. Monterey Bud Monterey Bud

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    Nuggetty Hardcore OG was actually one of my favorite strains.
    (before CPA was shut down by Santa Ana)

    To begin with "Nuggetty" was a phrase coined by a collective owner in Santa Ana – now closed – known as the California Patients Association. Chubbs, the one time proprietor of CPA had several top-tier caregivers who would cultivate the dispensaries once bomb meds. If the caregiver new the specific strain to be Hard-Core OG… Chubbs would simply add Nuggetry in front of the strains known genetic lineage.

    Thereby making it "Nuggetry Hardcore OG."

    Months have come and gone since CPA was forced out of business by the city of Santa Ana. Since then the Hardcore OG genetics have found a new claim to fame with the West Coast Cure crew. These talented extract artists now find themselves producing some of the more terpene rich shatter made from these flavorful buds.

    While everyone in orange County was sorry to see CPA shut down – it's nice to know that the Hardcore OG gene pool lives on with the WCC boys.

    Simple, but effective marketing.
  8. Steve Cool Steve Cool

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    Sweet. Well, in Ann Arbor Michigan, BC God Bud will run you.
    15 g
    50 1/8
    100 1/4
    200 1/2
    390 oz
    at Ann Arbor's Herbal Solutions- according to Weedmaps



    Meanwhile in Sherman Oaks, CA you'll pay quite a bit less. As always, it's a matter of supply and demand. And Cali kicks the supply jams when it comes to great flower at reasonable rates.
    15 g
    35 1/8
    70 1/4
    140 1/2
    280 oz
    at GreenLeaf Healing Center

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